Linda's Story

Linda grew up in a loving family. After graduating from high school, Linda received a certificate in secretarial services. She worked for 30 years as an administrative professional and later as a nursing assistant.

But Linda’s life was not so easy. She struggled with mental illness and addiction, and she found herself homeless. She started coming to N Street Village’s Day Center to use the shower and get a meal. For months she kept to herself but one day Linda opened up to the staff and asked for help in finding housing.

Linda enjoyed the variety of activities in the Day Center. She moved into N Street Village’s Luther Place Night Shelter in July 2015 and started on the road to recovery, maintaining her sobriety and learning to live with and understand her mental illness. She also started to feel comfortable enough with herself to reconnect with her family, from whom she had been estranged for more than eight years.

After less than a year in the Night Shelter, Linda found permanent housing in a supportive independent living environment. Grateful for her progress and housing, Linda continues to visit the Day Center and participate in our programs.

Linda is focused on her recovery and mental health stability. Linda is also working on her resume and is in the process of getting a part-time job where she will be able to help others on their path to recovery and healing.

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