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N Street Village is powered by groups of compassionate, committed individuals who support the Village community through one of our committees. We’re always looking for ways to connect with those who share our passion for helping women reach their full potential. If that sounds like you, consider joining a committee.

Ambassadors Council

The N Street Village Ambassadors Council is a team of individuals deeply committed to the Village community and its vital mission of supporting women facing homeless, poverty, and related challenges. It was created to carry the message of our mission to members’ networks, sponsor social events, and advocate on behalf of the organization. The council’s vision is to make all of D.C. familiar with the work of N Street Village.

Sunny Alsup, Founder
Cindy Aron, Founder
Jane Fishkin, Founder
Susan Weiss, Founder
Sharon Gund, Co-Chair
Nancy Hartsock, Co-Chair
Winona Lake, Co-Chair
Tara Morrison, Co-Chair

Averyl Bailey

Hillary Baltimore

Stacie Lee Banks

Tammy Barros

Lorrie Berkowitz

Lois Berlin

Amy Bischoff

Nancy and Don Bliss

Erika Martin Bolden

Judith Bonderman

Louise Brophy

Melissa Burnett

Kimberly Casey

Anna Chauvet

Sara Conrad

Antonietta Corvasce

Carolyn Corwin

Cynthia Dahlin

Celia Davis

Cynthia Diane

Sarah Dovere

Lis Driscoll

Brenda Durham

Hannah Dweck

Carly Erickson

Jean Fitzgibbon

Elizabeth Friedman

Lauren Dugas Glover

Sherry Hiemstra

Adrienne Hensley

Diara Holmes

Tinna Jackson

Debbi Jarvis

Lois Jecklin

Monica Jenkins

Jeanelle Johnson

Christine Kaufman

Heather Kaye

Katherine Kimpel

Yvette Kraft

Amy Krupsky

Diane Liebman

Michelle Luis

Vivien Marion

Mary Mathias

Lynette Matz

Jacqueline Mays

Maureen McFadden

Mary McIntosh

Barbara Mitchell

Ann Mond

Mary Susan Moore

Joyce O’Brien

Sheila O’Leary

Maggie O’Neill

Annie Pacious

Melitta Paterni

Dina Perry

Lacy Perry

Linda Potter

Lisa Rawls

Julie Rios

Judy Ritz

Cheryl Scarboro

Erika Singer

Mary Sophos

Ruth Sorenson

Peggy Sparks

Jeanne Specchio

Carol Steinbach

Monica Thompson

Patricia White

Patrice Willoughby

Trish Yan

Mary Zients

Impact Committee

Formerly the Young Professionals Committee, the Impact Committee is a team comprised of passionate professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 4os who network to raise funds and visibility for the Village. The committee cultivates year-round engagement opportunities and drives social engagement (both social media and real life social interaction). There is a small financial give-get designed to encourage investment, not discourage engagement. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Impact Committee Chair
Navneet Sandhu

Impact Committee Staff Lead
Donna-Marie Thompson

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