Voices of the Village

N Street Village strives to lift the voices of those with lived experience. Hear stories of hope and healing from many of the clients and residents we serve.


I love people. I’ve learned it and understand life. Sometimes you just got to pour into people because they don’t have nobody.

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You had love all around you. You had people who didn’t want to break you down but wanted to build you up, make you want something different in life. That’s what N Street is about, for real.

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They help you with a lot of things, as far as your mental health is concerned. I can go to [staff] and actually say what I’m feeling, and they understand.

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The more I kept coming to N Street Village and doing what I had to do, I did a whole lot of changing. When I came here it was a whole new ballgame. When I came here, I got much love.

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You’re gonna have your days, but if you’re ready to change your life, there’s help. Be honest with yourself and with the staff, because they can’t help you if you’re not honest, no matter what it is.

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N Street Village and Patricia Handy Place for Women gave me the courage to get back on my feet and to believe that I can survive living in a home by myself.

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This award tells me there is something bigger out there for me. My goal is to give back. Just as N Street has given to me, I want to give back to people in need.

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Little by little, I started making small changes, which turned into big changes, like loving myself more, doing things that make me happy, and getting close to my family again. I started working and just became a better me.

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N Street Village has helped me be who I am today. I got connected to Luther Place, changed my name. I came out as transgender and did all these cool things I never would have otherwise. Returned to my art and my music. Gave me my life back again.

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