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Voices of the Village

N Street Village strives to lift the voices of those with lived experience. Hear stories of hope and healing from many of the clients and residents we serve.


N Street Village and Patricia Handy Place for Women gave me the courage to get back on my feet and to believe that I can survive living in a home by myself.

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This award tells me there is something bigger out there for me. My goal is to give back. Just as N Street has given to me, I want to give back to people in need.

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Little by little, I started making small changes, which turned into big changes, like loving myself more, doing things that make me happy, and getting close to my family again. I started working and just became a better me.

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N Street Village has helped me be who I am today. I got connected to Luther Place, changed my name. I came out as transgender and did all these cool things I never would have otherwise. Returned to my art and my music. Gave me my life back again.

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NSV Radio: Peggy & Candice

In this episode, hear from Peggy Sparks, N Street Village Board of Directors, and Candice Taylor, Co-founder and Creative Director of CreativeJunkFood, as they  their love of N Street Village and the arts.

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NSV Radio: bluemercury

In this episode, Vocational Center Manager Matt LaBorde speaks with our newest partner, bluemercury, a cosmetics and skin care company.

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NSV Radio: Streetwise Partners

In this episode, Vocational Center Manager Matt LaBorde speaks with guest Jazmine Moore, Community Outreach and Program Manager for Streetwise Partners.

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NSV Radio: Kenyatta and Jewel

In this special episode, we hear from Kenyatta T. Brunson, CEO of N Street Village, and Jewel McNeill, NSV alumna and former Steinbruck honoree.

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NSV Radio #3 Wellness Series

In this episode, Perina Gaines, founder and CEO of Black Nurses Rock, talks about the impact of COVID-19 and how self-care is essential to one’s mental health.

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