NSV Radio #1 Workforce Series's Story

How to Find and Keep a Job, and How You Can Thrive

In the first episode of the “NSV Radio: Voices of the Village” podcast, we welcome Vocational Center Manager Matt LaBorde, as he speaks with two special guests, Richard McKey, Job Developer at AimHire, and Carol Day, who is a former participant at N Street Village. The conversation focuses on the job search process, maintaining employment, and how to succeed in the work that you do. Hearing both from the employer side and the employee side, this discussion offers two key perspectives when beginning and maintaining employment. This is the first episode in a five-part series that will focus on the workforce and the variety of perspectives and resources it holds.

Listen to the episode.

Looking for chances to get in front of hiring managers, like Carol did, to get that first foot in the door. Showing the interviewer that you’re a good fit and that you can do this, goes a long way. But most importantly is follow-up.

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