NSV Radio #5 Workforce Series's Story

UPIC Health and Experiences with Social Services 

In the final episode of our “Workforce Series,” Vocational Center Manager Matt LaBorde speaks with Sharon Baker and Jewel McNeill, who both work for UPIC Health and are former N Street Village clients. This discussion highlights the work that both Sharon and Jewel do with UPIC Health and their own experiences navigating social services over the years.

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We all have shortcomings and sometimes you have to spend time with self. I had to spend a lot of time with self to be able to know where my shortcomings were and to understand where I needed the most help, and once I was able to understand where I needed those helping hands at, I sought those people to give me the assistance or point me in the right direction. And I had to follow up. It required me to take the initiative to get it done.

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