Tracy's Story

Tracy never felt like a part of her family. She started using drugs and alcohol to “make friends” when she was just 12 and continued using through college, marriage, and pregnancy with her twins. Tracy still managed to hold a steady government job and she believed no one knew when she was drunk or high at work. In Tracy’s mind she had it “all under control,” but in reality her life was slipping away. With encouragement from her family and job, she went to treatment several times but always found her way back to drugs and alcohol. Before long, her addiction completely took over–she lost her job and then her apartment.

“I was a prisoner to alcohol and drugs,” Tracy said.

One morning, after a four-day bender, Tracy received a call from a friend she met at AA, who encouraged her to get help. It was the sign Tracy needed. She entered inpatient treatment the next day. This time Tracy “totally surrendered,” and for the first time, she actually complied with the rules. She was diagnosed with depression and began seeing a therapist regularly. In October 2014, she was referred to N Street Village and moved into the Luther Place Night Shelter.

Tracy credits the staff and programs at N Street Village for helping her stay on the path of recovery and re-learn important life skills like tolerance, patience, respect and conflict resolution.

While living at the Night Shelter, Tracy started an internship program with the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health. After completing the course and exams, she now works as a Transitional Specialist helping people coming out of inpatient treatment regain their lives.

Tracy has regained control of her life. She is earning and saving money (something she never thought was possible). She’s lost forty pounds and stopped smoking after 33 years. She is so proud of her new “healthy life” and knows, “The more I grow, the more I stay sober, the more I love myself.”

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