Off-Site Community Service

Off-Site Community Service Suggestions

Thank you for considering volunteering your community service hours to N Street Village. Volunteers play an essential role in the lives of the women we serve.

There is no minimum age requirement to participate in off-site volunteer opportunities and you don’t need to attend a volunteer orientation, although everyone is welcome to attend a volunteer orientation to learn more about N Street Village.

Here are some suggested activities for your off-site community service project:

In-Kind Donation Drive

Create and implement an in-kind donation drive for N Street Village’s greatest in-kind needs. This is one of the best ways for us to stock up on much-needed items year-round. For help, download our Donation Drive guide filled with tips on running a successful event.

Before launching your drive, please contact Alex Burch at to guarantee your drive collects items most needed by our community and to learn about our donation drop-off policy. N Street Village counts donation drives at 10 hours of community service.

N Street Village Fundraiser

You can help change hundreds of women’s lives for the better by supporting our programs through fundraising. We’ve had students raise money through bake sales, lemonade stands, birthday parties (in lieu of gifts, friends gave money to N Street Village) or jean days (where students pay to wear jeans to school and donate the raised money to N Street Village). Get creative.

N Street Village counts fundraising events up to $250 raised at 10 hours of community service, and each $250 raised is worth an additional 10 community service hours. So, the more money you raise, the more community service hours you earn!

Raise Awareness

Write an article for your local or school newsletter, create an educational flyer and distribute to your community groups, or give a speech at school, church, or community center on a topic related to homelessness, mental health, institutional racism, addiction, or affordable housing. You can help raise awareness about these very important topics.


A personal visit with or a letter to your state Senator or Assemblyperson is an effective way to emphasize your interest in an issue or bill. Advocate on behalf of topics that directly affect the women we serve, including homelessness, mental health, institutional racism, addiction, or affordable housing. You can find many tips on writing to, or meeting with, your state representative through an online search. You can also begin petitions on various topics through

*N Street Village offers two annual on-site volunteer opportunities where children and teens can participate: the SHERO Community Walk in October and Family & Friends Garden Day in late spring. Look for details and information on our events page and/or social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

Thank you for thinking of volunteering your community service hours to N Street Village. By volunteering with us, you help ensure women receive the support and services they need to achieve stability and thrive.

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