NSV Radio #3 Workforce Series's Story

Showing Up and Standing Out in the Workplace

In the third episode of the “NSV Radio: Voices of the Village” podcast, we hear from Vocational Center Manager Matt LaBorde, speaking with K.C. Davis, Chief of Staff for Bloomberg Government. They discuss the work environment and how employees can demonstrate leadership, recognize workplace culture, and “show up” to the job.

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Showing up at work doesn’t just mean that you’re dressed properly, it’s also a positive state of mind, having a positive attitude, bringing that with you every day. When you’re able to find your purpose and your passion (those things that you love to do) and bringing your values (those things that you believe in) and showcasing your skills (those things that you’re really good at), and mixing them all together and bringing them with you when you go to work. When you’re able to bring your authentic self, that’s the best thing you can do.

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