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Nataki's Story

My name is Nataki, which means “princess” in Swahili.

There were no transgender role models in the city where I grew up. As I got older, the only way I knew how to be myself was by going to clubs, prostitution, and using drugs.

Leaving Baltimore was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. The second best was finding N Street Village.

When I arrived at N Street Village, it was completely different.

Here, my apartment is my small piece of heaven. The staff don’t treat me like I wasn’t born female. They don’t treat me like I’m transgender, they treat me like I’m me.

The way N Street Village has accepted me and welcomed me has given me the hope and courage to be me without the drugs.

When you support N Street Village, you ensure that the next woman on this path doesn’t have to go through what I did. That gift is beyond priceless.


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