Misty's Story

Like many people in this area, Misty moved to DC for an exciting job opportunity. After moving across country, she didn’t know many people. She soon felt isolated and turned to alcohol for the first time in her life. Things spiraled quickly for Misty – she lost her job and, unable to find a new position, she found herself homeless.

While staying with various acquaintances, Misty’s health took a turn and she was hospitalized repeatedly for pancreatitis. Her doctor pleaded with her to stop drinking alcohol and helped her find a treatment program. After completing a 28-day inpatient detox program, Misty entered the N Street Village Holistic Housing program designed for women with substance abuse and mental health concerns.

While in the Holistic Housing program, Misty learned the hard way that recovery is a continual process, with bumps along the way. She relapsed again while at the Village, but she had the courage to learn from the experience and move forward, starting her recovery journey again the next day.

Misty has also been inspired by the N Street Village alumnae who return to the Village and volunteer – she sees that change and recovery are possible with hard work and determination.

When Misty completes the Holistic Housing program, she would like to get back into the marketing field and find her own new housing. She would also like to return to the Village as a volunteer.

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