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Community Builder Spotlight: Adam Lukoskie


Q. How did you get involved with N Street Village?

A. When I moved to DC, I wanted to find opportunities to get to know my neighborhood. I saw a lot of activity in front of N Street Village so looked it up on the internet to learn more. In my research, I was really drawn to the mission and community aspect. I was also drawn to the Village as I grew up in rural Wisconsin in a nearly all-white community. Washington DC is extremely diverse, and I wanted to develop some empathy for people that don’t look like me and come from different backgrounds. I knew that N Street Village served many residents of color that come from many walks of life.

Q. How long have you been serving the Village community?

A. Since 2008 or 2009…it’s been a while!

Q. Can you share your favorite N Street Village memory?

A. I always love walking in my neighborhood and running into the ladies. Whether I am walking to work, getting on the bus, or going for a run, I almost always run into Village residents. Tanya always yells my name to say hello, whether on the bus, at 7-11, or across 14th Street. I also run my local voting precinct and get to see many of the ladies on election day. It has been very rewarding being a friendly face for the ladies as they vote…sometimes for the first time.

Q. What inspired you to become a recurring donor in addition to volunteering your time with N Street Village?

A. Time is very valuable, but it doesn’t put food on the serving line. I wanted to take my involvement to the next level. I started with single donations, moved to monthly and have slowly increased my monthly gifts as I am able. I trust N Street Village and know they use their resources strategically.

Thank you, Adam, for all the ways you support the women of the Village!

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