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Judith Morris Wellness Center

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

At the Judith Morris Wellness Center, we meet each woman right where she is by offering a variety of services and care including support groups, exercise classes, mental health education, trauma recovery, and more. This holistic wellness approach encourages women to participate fully in their own healing and to nurture their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Physical Health

In partnership with Unity Health Care, we have onsite primary health care and dental clinics. In addition to on-site medical care, we also welcome students from the Georgetown HOYA Medical Clinic to teach classes on various health topics such as heart disease, diabetes, women’s health, and nutrition. Medical students facilitate classes twice per week at our flagship location. They also host an annual flu shot clinic. In addition to health education classes, we offer a wide range of classes that promote physical activity, including Yoga.

Mental Health

We provide women with mental health education, support groups, crisis intervention assistance, and referral services. We also offer a variety of holistic wellness classes like self-esteem, pet therapy, meditation, massage, HIV/AIDS education, addiction, and trauma recovery support programs.

Our Greenhouse Program supports women/trans-women with substance use disorders who have a desire to reduce or eliminate the use of drugs/alcohol. Individuals enrolled in the Greenhouse engage in group sessions, 12-step meetings, and one-on-one coaching with a substance abuse counselor and/or recovery support specialists to coordinate health and behavioral health (mental health, trauma recovery and substance abuse recovery) services.


Primary Health Care

Dental Care

Classes & Programming


Mental Health

Physical Health

Our Impact


of residents

maintained mental health stability


nutritious meals

served, equaling almost 340 meals served each day our emergency shelters and day center.



client enrollments in the Greenhouse Program



participated in Wellness Center programming, which restarted in March 2023.

Voices of the Village

Learn more stories of healing, hope, and transformation from Village clients:


Cheryl was adopted and grew up in Washington, DC. Her parents both had good government jobs and they were a musical family. Around the age of 12, Cheryl realized that her father was abusing her mother regularly in their basement. One day she tried to get help from a neighbor, but they said it was just what couples did.

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Catherine worked hard all of her life. She retired from her retail career in 2008 and assumed the full-time role of taking care of her mother in Memphis. After her mother passed in March 2011, Catherine decided to move to DC to be closer to her niece and nephew. She had a hard time finding work and lived in a hotel until she could no longer afford the cost.

On a cold morning in February 2016, Catherine became homeless for the first time in her life. Alone, she made her way to Union Station where she met a woman who told her about the city’s emergency shelters.

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Courtney grew up in an upper middle class, suburban family, but from an early age she felt different – “I didn’t know exactly what I was.” Born Calvin, she felt most comfortable with female friends and enjoyed being “girly.” Like most kids, she just wanted to be herself — unfortunately her parents would not accept her as a girl.

She struggled to survive living her “double life.” She started using drugs and alcohol to cope, but wasn’t concerned because “partying was what young people did.”

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