For the health and safety of the community, N Street Village is currently operating on a reduced schedule until further notice. Click here for the latest updates on our programming and hours.


While we cannot wait for the day when we can welcome volunteers back to the Village, we are spotlighting some of our incredible community members that give time, talent, and treasure to N Street Village. Meet long-time volunteer and Community Builder, Louise Rothschild.

Q. How did you get involved with N Street Village?
A. A friend of mine is on the Impact Committee and she encouraged me to get more involved with N Street Village. I work with homeless service providers in my day job and I loved what N Street Village was doing for the women of DC; I couldn’t imagine not wanting to be a part of local women meeting their goals. After volunteering a few times, I was hooked.

Q. How long have you been serving the Village community?
A. I have been working with homeless service providers for almost 15 years, but I’ve been specifically volunteering with N Street Village for close to five years.

Q. Can you share your favorite N Street Village memory?
A. The first time I came to volunteer was on Family and Friends Day. I loved everyone coming together to plant and grow beautiful flowers and vegetables that the women of N Street would eat and enjoy! It’s one of my favorite annual events and I was sorry to miss it this year.

Q. What inspired you to become a recurring donor in addition to volunteering your time with N Street Village?
A. I spend a lot of my day speaking with nonprofits similar to N Street Village, working with them to address their capacity needs and help house people who are in the middle of a housing crisis and it is amazing to see how these organizations were able to quickly pivot to address the public health needs of the pandemic while still helping people move to permanent housing. A key factor in this has been unrestricted funding, funding that organizations can use to meet their immediate needs. It just made sense to give to N Street on a regular basis. Volunteering is rewarding, but organizations need funds too and I’m happy to support N Street Village in as many ways as I can.

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