Interim CEO Steps Into Permanent Role

The Village Appoints Portia Robertson Migas as Permanent CEO

July 2, 2024 – N Street Village, Washington, D.C.’s largest service provider for women experiencing homelessness, today announced Portia Robertson Migas as its permanent Chief Executive Officer after four months as interim CEO of the organization.

Portia has risen to the challenge of interim CEO, and this is a natural next step for her to move into the position permanently,” said Peter Shields, Chair of the N Street Village Board of Directors. “Under Portia’s continued leadership, clients, staff and Village supporters can expect a continued and strengthened commitment to our mission to create a community of hope and healing for women in Washington, D.C.”

Portia started volunteering at N Street Village’s overnight shelter more than 30 years ago and began serving on the Board of Directors in 2015. Portia was selected as interim CEO of N Street Village in February of this year. She brings a wealth of leadership experience within a diverse array of businesses and organizations, including an emphasis on supporting underrepresented and marginalized communities. Portia’s career spans roles in journalism, communications, and strategic management.


“I am honored to be selected as permanent CEO of N Street Village, and I look forward to continuing my work with the team to advance our mission and partner with women to make material gains in their housing, health, and more,” said Portia Robertson Migas. “Working together over the last four months as interim CEO, we have made incredible progress building upon the Village’s already strong foundation and I am excited as we chart the course toward continued success.”

“Portia has proven her ability to lead with compassion and dignity over the last four months,” said Hillary Baltimore, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors. “As D.C. continues to grapple with the urgent needs of women experiencing homelessness, we are grateful to have a long-time supporter and leader of the Village who understands the strength and impact of amplifying the voices of the women we serve to drive meaningful solutions.”

Over the last few years, N Street Village significantly expanded its services, reaching more women in need and enhancing its programs to provide comprehensive support, including housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery services. During its 25th Annual Gala in March, Portia Robertson Migas as interim CEO unveiled the organization’s plans to integrate its housing and supportive services with geriatric-focused care, address the mental health vulnerabilities of unhoused women, and focus on client-informed literacy initiatives.

“As the Village looks to take on the greatest challenges that women experiencing homelessness in D.C. are facing, we are grateful to have Portia at the helm,” said Ruth Sorenson, Board Vice-Chair. “We could not be more excited about the future of the Village and the continued success of our programs under Portia’s leadership.”

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