Whole Foods shares the joys of healthy snacking

By Heidi Gauthier, N Street Village Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator

Last Friday, the community waited with anticipation for Whole Foods Healthy Eating Specialist Ebeth Johnson and her team to arrive.  The team of specialists were planning on demonstrating how easy (and delicious) healthy snacking can be.

The demonstration was kicked off with the introduction of an unfamiliar technique — making kale salad without oil in a Ziploc bag.  Next, the participants learned about the healthy and filling combination of popcorn, raisins, almonds, and dark chocolate, which turned out to be a perfect on-the-go snack.

Throughout the demonstration, many of the clients shared their thoughts.  “Wow! This salad is so good. I never thought of making salad in bag,” said a resident who is currently living in our night shelter.  Another resident shared her apprehension with trying dark chocolate. “It just never looked good to me but it tastes really good in the [popcorn] mix. I will definitely try it again.”

We thank the Whole Foods Team for sharing their expertise with our community.  Many of the participants left feeling inspired, educated, and ready to prepare their next health snack.