Volunteer Spotlight: Asha

This month get know N Street Village volunteer Asha Green. Asha has been an active volunteer since September 2016. Asha serves breakfast in the day center, dinner at The Patricia Handy Place for Women, as well volunteers with her group from Howard University, Jewels Inc., by supporting N Street Village fundraising events. Let’s get to know Asha…

I am a current senior at Howard University studying Psychology and Biology with a pre-dental track. I am extremely involved on and off campus, serving as community service chair for Jewels, Inc., secretary of Howard University Pre-Dental Society, and participating in a dental internship with a local periodontist. Some of my favorite activities include trying new restaurants (I am a huge foodie!) doing hair as a licensed cosmetologist, and volunteering in the community. I am very close to my mom and brother and I am absolutely obsessed with puppies! Most people who know me would describe me as reliable, genuine and giving. I love being the person that the people around me can count on, and I enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces! It warms my heart to be a continuing volunteer of N Street Village, it is one of my most rewarding experiences and I am so thankful to have found this organization. 

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the DC area? I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, having spent my younger childhood in Detroit. My family is originally from Detroit so my mother moved us there when we were young, and we moved to Atlanta when I was in 6th grade so that she could pursue her masters in film. I have lived in the DC area for going on 3 years to attend Howard University, a family Alma Mater!

What is your favorite DC restaurant? My favorite restaurant in DC is a tie between Ted’s Bulletin and Zaytinya. Breakfast food and Mediterranean food are my absolute favorites, you can catch me at Ted’s most weekends and Zaytinya after I have gotten paid from work!

On a Saturday afternoon, you will find me… if I’m not working, I am either visiting the local food market or museum, checking out a festival in the area or trying a new restaurant. I love visiting all of the mini-festivals that DC has because there are so many, so I try to visit as many as possible. If I am not doing any of those things, I am resting after a long week filled with Organic Chemistry!

Who is one of your favorite musicians? One of my favorite musicians is Beyoncé. I know that’s probably everyone’s answer, but she is truly my idol! She inspires me to not only be my very best in my career, but to serve the community and take pride in being a successful and driven woman.

What is your favorite DC landmark? My favorite DC landmark is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The architecture of the building and the artistry and history within the museum is astounding, it is definitely my number one!

Describe N Street Village in 3 words or less. Distinctive, Invigorating and Compassionate. I personally have never experienced another facility that is as unique and radiant as N Street Village, making it distinctive. N Street is invigorating and compassionate because it maintains a very uplifting environment and staff, it is very organized and efficient, and it absolutely wants the best for the residents.

What makes N Street Village unique to you? N Street is unique to me because it is my first time experiencing a female homeless organization that doesn’t just provide the bare necessities for the women that they support, but motivate them to work for something bigger. N Street has so many opportunities in place that allow these women to grow such as therapy, work opportunities, and even volunteer opportunities within the facilities. The sense of a true, clean and genuine community is also a very unique aspect of N Street Village. It is a comfortable environment and most everyone takes the time to get to know you, whether you are a volunteer, staff or inhabitant. N Street is creative, with so many unique programs in place to give back to the Village such as the Shero Walk and Celebrate Logan. Most importantly, N Street Village is welcoming. No matter your background, where you are or where you want to be, they make sure to work with you to make your dreams a reality. As a college student still trying to figure out myself and the world, it is truly inspiring to work with and watch so many women be actively passionate about the betterment of other women.  It gives me a sense of purpose and really allows me to enjoy giving back to the community.

What has been one of your biggest surprises about N Street Village? My biggest surprise about N Street is how huge it actually is. When I first signed up to volunteer, I did not realize that there were so many facilities all over the DC area. In the past, I have volunteered with very small organizations who aren’t able to impact as many women with their services. N Street Village has and continues to make a conscious effort to expand. In a world filled with impoverished women who need support, especially in the DC area, it is astounding to know and be a part of making a difference in a very widespread group of women’s lives.