Back by popular demand, all are welcome to join the N Street Village Impact Committee for

Virtual BINGO!

Special Host and Impact Committee member, Libby Rasmussen (you may know her as LibbyLivingColorfully)!

With a $10 donation, you’ll receive a unique Bingo Board and Zoom Link. We’ll play 5 different games of Bingo so have your beans, pennies, confetti or buttons ready– our preference is chocolate chips or gummy bears, a delicious snack between games! Note that you only need 1 board to play all rounds!

If you would like to play the odds with multiple boards, 2 boards=$15, just make an additional $5 donation and we’ll be sure to send 2 your way! If you would like to play and are not in a position to donate, please email, and we’ll make sure to get you everything you need! All are welcomed in our Village family.

Questions? Please email Makenzie at