Village Staff Spotlight: Meet Nicole Hall

Meet Nicole, an Assistant Manager at the Village’s
downtown emergency and temporary shelter, the
Patricia Handy Place for Women. Every night, Patricia
Handy welcomes 213 women and provides beds, meals,
showers, and medical care in a safe, loving community.

Nicole works in the low-barrier program on the second
floor, which is open to any woman in need of a safe
place to sleep for the night. Nicole’s goal is to get to
know each woman and help her work on her goals
towards healing, recovery, and a more permanent
housing solution.

How long have you been at N Street Village? I joined
the Village family in May 2018.

What keeps you motivated to come to work every
day? I love knowing I can make a difference in
someone’s day by offering a meal, giving words of
encouragement, or simply by smiling. The work I do
reminds me on a daily basis that any woman, including
myself – regardless of race or socio-economic status –
could find themselves at the doors of N Street Village.

What was your favorite Village moment in 2018?
When I got to work on Thanksgiving morning, the
residents were so surprised to see me! It truly made an
impact for them to know the staff and I were taking
time from our own families to spend the holiday with
them. Throughout the day, you could see how much the
Village is truly a family – as donations and meals came
in, all the residents were looking out for each another,
making sure everyone ate and received a new hat, gloves,
toiletries, etc.