The Village Garden; Therapy for the Entire Community

Located at the heart of N Street Village, the courtyard garden is an aesthetic display that provides both practical and therapeutic benefits to the village.   

The courtyard was an essential component of the N Street Village building plans, and was designed to create a safe gathering place for the community. Since its creation, the garden located at the center of the courtyard, has transformed and grown through many seasons, coming to fruition in the past three years. Thanks to contributions of labor and plants from volunteer groups, the continual support from landscape and gardening experts, and the dedication and hard work of N Street Village clients and staff, the courtyard hosts the beautiful garden you see today.

One of the greatest benefits to the community is that the courtyard garden supplies the N Street Village kitchen with fresh and healthy food! An array of vegetables and herbs support meals served daily to 50-100 women.  All extra produce is available to residential clients for personal use.

Garden Club and Team N Street
Garden Club is a weekly activity at N Street that provides clients with the opportunity to participate in every aspect of the garden: from planning and planting, to weeding and harvesting. It is an opportunity to socialize, relieve stress and learn.

Thanks to members of Team N Street, the client based volunteer program, the garden receives daily maintenance that is essential for its success.

Therapeutic Value
Gardening is a wonderful therapeutic tool because it promotes health and wellness on a holistic level. Though there are innumerable benefits, gardening provides individuals with a tangible and productive activity in an environment that promotes stress relief and empowerment. The garden itself provides a safe environment for people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and ages to come together and learn where food comes, and witness the natural rhythms of life and growth.

How to Contribute

  1. Volunteer to assist in the garden or to lead classes on canning, drying, cooking, etc.  Learn more about volunteering at N Street Village.
  2. Donate plants: contact our in-kind donation office at 202-939-2075 to learn what plants N Street Village is currently looking to add to the garden and other donation needs for the garden.
  3. Make a gift and change the lives of homeless and low-income women in D.C.

Submission by Sarah Carlson.  Sarah is a member of the Lutheran Volunteer Corps (2010-2011) and serves N Street Village as a Residential Program Assistant. She received her BA from St. Olaf College in 2010 where she studied Biology and Middle Eastern Studies. At N Street Village Sarah supports the management of N Street Village’s floor of permanent supportive housing, facilitates a number of groups and community events, and manages the courtyard garden.