[Video] Village “Happy” Dance

This week marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” announcement, which introduced legislation that would significantly grow the government’s role in fighting poverty.

Today that “war” is far from over and the need to find solutions to the entrenched causes of poverty and its numerous negative effects remains urgent.  Yet while we should feel disquieted about the justice that is still to be achieved, there are many small victories that we can and should feel proud of on this anniversary.

Here at N Street Village we are witness to moments of healing, happiness, and joy every day.  We are privileged to stand in solidarity with women and families who are overcoming their personal struggles and reaching out to help one another.

What better way to celebrate this feeling than through…dance. Recently, our community was inspired by a Pharrell Williams’ 24-hour interactive song and video called “Happy.” Knowing that we have a very talented community of movers and shakers, we decided to join the “24 Hours of Happy” viral movement and create own Village “Happy” dance.  We wanted to “share the love” with you today – we hope you enjoy this moment of happiness N Street Village-style.


May the daily and inspirational achievements of those we serve give us strength and courage for the journey ahead. 

Much happiness,
Schroeder Stribling
Executive Director of N Street Village