A True Village SHE-RO | Idell’s Story

Idell SHE-ROThe youngest of 15 children, Idell was raised by her father and siblings after her mother died. Soon after, Idell got involved with “the wrong crowd,” and fell into a vicious period of drug abuse, which led to being in and out of jail. In 2011 Idell found herself once again in jail. She had a broken leg, which due to lack of proper care became infected and had to be amputated. Idell was desperate for change. Then she learned about N Street Village.

In September 2012, Idell moved into the N Street Village Recovery Housing program, a residential community where women live together and work on stabilizing their mental health and overcoming addiction. Idell devoted herself to her recovery and to healing.

“When I came to N Street Village, everybody loved me so I wasn’t scared. I could start to take care of myself.”

This year, Idell moved into her very own ADA-compliant apartment at N Street Village’s Erna’s House, a permanent supportive residence for women with histories of chronic homelessness. She enjoys living in a space that offers her the privacy and space she needs to become more confident with her disability, while working on her balance and navigating her surroundings. Idell has also recently been connected to a prosthetic leg class and looks forward to one day walking into N Street Village.

Idell has now found her inner SHE-RO. Her super power is telling her story to help inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. Idell manages the inspiration board at Erna’s House – and hopes that the passages she displays will help her fellow neighbors during a time of need.

“A SHE-RO is someone who shares their story in order to help someone else.”

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SHE-RO [sheer-oh] a man or woman who stands up specifically for women’s rights.

A Life Transformed

LaJuana Banner 2One night LaJuana found herself alone and drinking on a park bench.

Her drinking was so out of control that no one could or wanted to live with her anymore. She couldn’t hold down a job. She had been arrested multiple times for driving under the influence. With only a suitcase beside her containing everything she now owned, LaJuana knew that she needed help.

When you make a year-end gift to N Street Village, you will be there for women like LaJuana, women who find themselves without a place to sleep and in need of immediate help and long-term hope. Donate before midnight today and your tax-deductible gift will be matched up to $10,000.

The following day, LaJuana entered the doors of our women’s day center where she was welcomed by a warm and caring community. She moved into our night shelter, no longer having to worry about finding a place to sleep each night or a place for her belongings. She began working with staff on her personal goals, which were to stay sober and find a job. She devoted herself to improving her overall health – participating in fitness, spirituality, and art classes – all while attending Alcohol Anonymous meetings regularly.

Today, LaJuana lives in one of our Permanent Supportive Housing apartments. She continues to maintain her sobriety. After successfully completing a job readiness program, she is now working again full-time as a security guard. Her job provides her benefits and a 401(k) plan.

Because of YOU, Lajuana was able to find recovery from addiction and to transform her life.

Your year-end gift to N Street Village will transform lives like LaJuana’s. You will stand with woman who have lost everything – everything but hope – who just need a chance.

Happy New Year,

Schroeder Stribling
Executive Director
N Street Village

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