Staff Feature: Meet Keleigh

This year, we completed the Keeping Our Promise Capital Campaign, which included finishing renovations in our new lobby. Now, clients, staff members, board members, donors, and volunteers all come through the same doors and encounter Keleigh’s smiling face and warm welcome. We sat down with Keleigh, a mother of two and our new receptionist, who literally is there to meet every woman where she is.

Describe the Village in three words: Uplifting, exciting, and resourceful.

What makes working here unique? When we come to N Street Village, we all enter through the same doors as a community. No matter what path you may be on, you’ll be met where you are and built up in a non-judgmental environment. When we say “community,” we truly stand by it.

What do you love about what you do? I genuinely enjoy meeting different people every day. A smile can go a long way, and I love assisting and supporting people!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Butter Pecan. My grandma and I would enjoy a bowl and watch Jeopardy every night growing up.

Come see Keleigh and our latest renovations! Contact Megan McKinley Thomas to set up your tour at 202.939.2074 or