Sherron’s Inspirational Road to Recovery

Sherron – (left) today with 12 years of sobriety, (right) at the height of her addiction.

Sherron had a good life – a caring husband, two wonderful children and a 23-year career with the D.C. Police Department – but something was missing for her.

At 36 years old, she started using crack to fill the void.

Before she knew it, Sherron had lost everything – her family, her job and herself. What started as a weekend away with new friends turned into nearly 12 years of getting high in New York City. One morning, on her way to buy crack, two polices offers said a simple ‘good morning.’ After years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, something about that simple greeting served as a wakeup call. She got on a bus back to D.C. and never looked back.

After several days of detox, Sherron made her way to N Street Village where she met Evelyn Green, the Day Services Manager.

“I was crying and didn’t know where to go or what to do. Evelyn gave me a bus token and told me to come back every day.” Sherron came back day after day and with the help of Village Day Center programs and doctors in the Wellness Center, she slowly made her way back to health.

With housing in a sober environment and a job, Sherron knew she still needed the support of the Village – she continued to come back for meetings and activities and eventually lead the meetings. In 2009, N Street Village offered her a job as a Program Assistant in the Recovery Housing Program. “I learned so much in that position. I could identify with every aspect of the resident’s lives.” Sherron went on to earn her certification in Addiction Counseling and now lives in Oklahoma with her husband, who is also dedicated to his sobriety.

The Village was honored to feature Sherron as a speaker at the Annual Empowerment Luncheon on June 15. She is an inspiration to us all!