Secretary of Education Visits N Street Village

We were honored to welcome Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to N Street Village today. Secretary Duncan is this year’s National Honorary Chair of the federal government’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). He came to N Street Village to learn about the comprehensive services we provide to homeless and low-income women and to hear about the CFC’s role in supporting our programs.  Executive Director Schroeder Stribling hosted the tour, which took Secretary Duncan and members of his staff through several of our programs, including Bethany Women’s Center, the Education and Employment Center, and the Wellness Center.

On the tour, Secretary Duncan spoke with clients and residents who benefit from our programs.  “I felt very proud to share my N Street Village experience with Secretary Duncan,” said resident Carol Toran, who receives support from our Education and Employment Center and attends Job Keepers, a program created to offer mentorship to women who are employed. “N Street Village’s Employment and Education Center helped me receive the training and support I needed so I could get back into a field of work that I truly enjoy.”

CFC is a federal charity campaign organized by the federal government to support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world.  Last year, support from the CFC accounted for 6% of funds raised by N Street Village from individuals, and provided approximately $45,000 in support of our programs.

$45,000 makes a significant difference in the lives of the women that N Street Village serves:

  • 163 women can access health care from a licensed nurse in our Wellness Center.
  • 114 women can receive meals, laundry, showers, outreach, referrals, and crisis support in Bethany Women’s Center.
  • 22 women can receive intensive one-on-one assistance with education, job training, and job placement from our Education and Employment Center.

Get involved:

  • Our CFC number is 90946.  There is still time to contribute to your workplace CFC campaign, the season closes on December 15th. If you are a federal employee, click here to learn more about how you can donate through the CFC.
  • Contact Kate Akalonu ( if there is a CFC fair at your place of employment.
  • Share our CFC number (#90946) with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.