N Street Village New Year’s Resolutions

Losing weight and saving money are usually at the top of the list when it comes to most popular resolutions made each year.  So what are some new year’s resolutions made by our community?  This is what we have heard:

– “I would like to find housing and a part-time job this  year.”
-“I want to relax more.”
– “Spend more time with my grandchildren.”
– “I am committing to living a more health lifestyle.”
– “Get more massages in the Wellness Center.”
– “Working on the goals I have made with my case manager.”
– “Learn more about my health and sugar levels.”
– “Attend a class here I haven’t gone to before.”

Many women we spoke with shared that they although they don’t make new year’s resolutions they are committed to their goals and work towards them everyday of the year.

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2012?  Have they already been broken?  Please share them with us through a comment on this post.

Wishing you a happy and productive 2012!