N Street Village Ladies Have a New Ride

A new van has been a constant item on the N Street Village wish list for several years. The 1992 15-passenger van used by the N Street Village community was plagued with problems, leaving clients and staff stranded and the in-kind office unable to pick up donations when the van refused to start.

Enter Mary Anne Sullivan (photographed surronded by N Street Village staff and clients), a friend of N Street Village.  One might say she’s a Village Angel.  As a member of the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Georgetown, Mary Anne serves as a liaison between her church community and our Holiday Giving Tree program.  Over the years she took note of the continued need for a van. This holiday season she overwhelmed us with her personal commitment to fund the purchase of a new van.  Today, going for a drive in our shiny 2010 15-passenger van, staff and clients don’t have to cross their fingers in hopes that the van would start.

Now, each time the key is turned and the engine purrs to a youthful start, we can breathe a sigh of relief and say thank you to Mary Anne for her generous gift of wheels and safety.