N Street Village – A Poem

Come unto me –
You, who no longer labor.
There is a kind ear here
and there is food on my table.
Someone will smile and
give you direction –
another will clothe you
and another offer affection.
A warm shower awaits
and clean clothes if you like
and with patience, even
a warm bed for the night.
No riches, no gold, no “real” finery –
but just everyday people
like you, you will see.
So – come unto me,
consider this your invite
a warm blanket to all
and to all a good night.

Poem by Claudette Sistrunk – Claudette has been utilizing N Street Village services since September of this year.  Initially, Claudette attended poetry classes at to receive activity credit for the week.  Claudette quickly realized that not only does she enjoy poetry but that writing poems comes naturally to her and is therapeutic.  Claudette is working to secure permanent housing, employment, and is focused on gaining back her independence.  She dreams of being an independent business owner.