Miriam’s House & N Street Village Celebrate 7 Years of Serving Women with HIV/AIDS

The 2016 ribbon-cutting celebration at Miriam’s House to recognize the completion of new renovations at the site.

Happy Anniversary to Miriam’s House!

Miriam’s House was established in the early years of the AIDS crisis to address the needs of women experiencing homelessness while living with HIV/AIDS, and welcomed its first residents on February 29, 1996. As medical science advanced and the needs of these women evolved, the missions of Miriam’s House and N Street Village became aligned. A partnership between these two organizations was a natural outgrowth, and on October 24, 2011, the N Street Village and Miriam’s House Boards of Directors officially voted to merge these two organizations.

By joining forces with an organization committed to addressing the needs of women living with HIV/AIDS, N Street Village learned new lessons in compassion and care, while broadening our capacity to serve the population of women experiencing homelessness in DC.

The Miriam’s House merger reinforced N Street Village’s leadership role in our community as well. It was N Street’s first new location, our first major experience with government contracts, and foray into some new program models. The success of the merger gave us the courage and experience to further our mission by expanding to Erna’s House, the Patricia Handy Place for Women, and Phyllis Wheatley YWCA. In the seven years since the Miriam’s House merger, we have more than doubled our housing capacity, and now address the full range of services for women experience homelessness in DC, from low-barrier shelter and day services to permanent supportive housing.

Last but not least, by merging with Miriam’s House we strengthened our staff and skills. Mary Castiblanco, Tim Fretz, and Board Treasurer Carolyn Arpin came with us when we merged with Miriam’s House, and we are the better for it.

Today, Miriam’s House provides rooms for 25 women in a loving community in addition to nutritious meals, showers, laundry, and access to all of N Street Village’s supportive services. Read how living at Miriam’s House has given Rebecca a stable environment and hope for the future.

Happy Anniversary and thank you, Miriam’s House!