May Volunteer Spotlight

Becky ParisThis month let’s get know N Street Village volunteer Becky Paris. Becky teaches yoga class every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. in our multipurpose room. Becky has been volunteering with us since February 2014. In her teaching, Becky’s love for life and laughter shines through. Her animated, playful personality lights up her classes while encouraging kindness, compassion and honesty. Let’s get know Becky….

Becky first came to yoga thinking she was going to a Pilates class, but left knowing she was changed forever. She quickly fell in love with the movement, breath work, and more importantly, the lasting effects the practice has on her life off of the mat. Becky received her 200 hour teaching certification through the Mimi Rieger Yoga Teacher Training in January 2014. She now acts as an assistant in Mimi Rieger’s Teacher Training Program. Becky is also trained in Mindful Yoga Therapy and Kids Yoga, and will be assisting in and taking a Yin Yoga teacher training with Yael Flusberg at the beginning of 2016.

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the DC area? I am from Augusta, GA and have been in DC for about 4.5 years.

What is your favorite D.C. restaurant? This is a really hard one to answer. I work at one of the finest dining establishments in the city, Birch and Barley, and love everything they do. I have also thoroughly enjoyed myself every time I have been lucky enough to dine at Rose’s Luxury.

Who is one of your favorite musicians? James Brown. No, the Beatles. Wait! Krishna Das! Oh this is an impossible question. It depends 100% on my mood. I love all kinds of music.

Where is the last place you traveled to? I last went to Sault St. Marie, Michigan, my mother’s hometown.

What is favorite yoga pose? This changes pretty frequently, but right now it is Tree Pose.  I love finding moments of stillness and balance.

Share one of your favorite N Street Village memories? There was some confusion about where class was to be held one Thursday morning. We started in our usual space, but about 10-15 minutes into class we were told we had to move to another space down the hall because our room was actually about to be used for meetings. So we all packed up our mats and belongings and moved across the hall to a much smaller room. At the end of class, one of the regular students pointed out how proud she was that everybody was so mentally flexible in that situation and moved without complaining and continued class. She pointed out that that is what yoga is really about—learning to respond to those sorts of situations with flexibility and understanding. I had never felt so humbled or honored by the wisdom of my students.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at N Street Village? The women are so fierce. They are honest, kind, and have a great sense of community.

What has been one of your biggest surprises about N Street Village? I had no idea what to expect coming into this space. But I have always felt so supported and appreciated by the class participants and N Street Village staff. I am so humbled to be a part of this amazing organization!