May Volunteer Spotlight

This month get know N Street Village volunteer, Peter Brusoe. Peter serves lunch each Wednesday with a teammate from Bloomberg. Peter also coordinates in-kind drives, fundraisers, and is a true Village champion! Let’s get know Peter…

I grew up in upstate New York to the most amazing parents a guy could have!  Mom & Dad took my siblings and I to interesting places, made sure we read, played sports, and lead by their personal example the importance of being involved and giving back to the community.  I attended the University at Albany studying history and political science and was active with the debate club, Phi Alpha Delta, and student government.  As a senior, I was lucky to do a DC Internship working on housing policy, and fell in love with Washington. After earning my Master’s Degree from Albany’s Rockefeller College I earned my PhD at American University.  I was teaching and working at a think tank, and in 2011, the amazing opportunity to join Bloomberg as a Campaign Finance and Lobbying Data Analyst arose.  Bloomberg has an amazing employee volunteer program, and was introduced to N Street Village by my colleague Ned Waugaman.  The rest they say is history! 

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the DC area? I grew up in the Town of Florida in Upstate New York, I went to college at the University at Albany, and moved down to DC in 2004 to pursue Doctoral Studies at American University.  I’ve been down here ever since!

What is your favorite D.C. restaurant? There are way too many to choose from, but I would say Guapo’s up in Tenleytown is my default go to.  I also really enjoy Open City, and Clyde’s.  I wish Chef Laurie (N Street Village’s Food Services Manager) would open up one soon, because whatever she makes, is always mouthwatering!

On a Saturday evening you will find me…Enjoying all that life has to offer! Some weekends I take a day trip to Philadelphia or New York, some weekends I go to see a play, explore a new part of town, or do board game nights with friends, or stay at home and read a really good book or work on writing articles.

Who is one of your favorite musicians? I am in an Aaron Copland mood right now.  His Fanfare for the Common Man I always find inspiring, and Appalachian Spring contains parts of Shaker Hymns from the area of Upstate New York where I grew up.

What is your favorite D.C. landmark? I love the Lincoln Memorial! The building itself is an amazing structure, and I love reading the Second Inaugural and Gettysburg Address.  I also love seeing all of the tourists and their reaction to the building and how Lincoln speaks to them.  When I think of what the Lincoln Memorial has meant for so many people who have gathered there to advocate for a better world, I have chills down my spine.

Describe N Street Village in 3 words or less. Family for all.

What makes N Street Village unique to you? N Street Village has an amazing sense of community.  Every time I come in to help serve lunch or do a resume workshop, I feel like I am part of that community and I am so blessed to be able to be part of everyone’s life at N Street Village.

Share one of your favorite N Street Village memories?

There are way too many memories to share! My three favorite are when my colleague Gopi and I pooled our money and had Bloomberg Philanthropies match a gift to sponsor a special lunch of ribs and collard greens.  Chef Laurie out did herself, the smiles were amazing. Another time, my colleague Sarah in NY organized a Bloomberg Government resume and career workshop for N Street Village. We did a ton of resumes. A month later I saw one of the ladies at lunch who shared that she landed a job!  It was such a fantastic feeling! Finally, there was the opening of the new servery.  My colleague Megan and I walked into the dining room and saw the new gleaming serving areas and we were so excited.