Marshalle Cannot Wait to Tell You…

Marshalle BannerDuring this graduation season, we are writing to share wonderful news: Marshalle just graduated!

Marshalle was only 29 when she first came to the N Street Village. She never completed high school because taking care of her ailing parents became a demanding, full-time job. When Marshalle was 19, her mother died. Over the next three years Marshalle’s grandmother, father, sister and son also passed away. She was devastated.

Left with all of her family possessions, Marshalle lacked the skills to take care of those things. She lost everything. Marshalle wanted to disappear. Drugs were an easy escape, first marijuana and then crack. Over the next nine years, Marshalle was in and out of jail for possession and prostitution. Marshalle wanted to change.

While in jail, Marshalle learned about N Street Village and once released, moved into the Village’s Recovery Housing program, a community where women live together and work on stabilizing their mental health and overcoming addiction. She learned how to open up about the pain and loss that she had been covering up for so many years.

“Before coming to N Street Village I was lost. I made drugs my best friend. N Street Village gave me time to heal. They let me cry. Every day has gotten easier and easier.”

Today, Marshalle is a changed woman. She started studying for her GED and just weeks ago she joined her classmates at the D.C. Armory for the official graduation ceremony. With friends and loved ones in the audience, Marshalle walked across the stage to accept her GED. Marshalle has dreams of becoming a nurse and she has already completed her first semester at the University of D.C. and is enrolled to take classes this summer.

Thanks to your support, Marshalle has gone from a high school dropout living in jail to a college student, celebrating two years of sobriety.