Marla Michelle Dreams Big

Marla Michelle YE BannerMarla Michelle was dying from AIDS.

Her T-cell count was down to two. A healthy T-cell count is over 700. A person is considered to have full-blown AIDS with a count of 200.

The HIV virus had weakened her to the point where she had to re-learn how to walk, swallow, and talk. She was in the hospital for over a year. When she was released from the hospital, she had no place to go.  A caseworker referred her to Miriam’s House, a program of N Street Village for women living with HIV. She moved in during July of 2011.

When Marla Michelle first came to N Street Village, all she had was hope. Hope that things could be different. Hope that she could live a healthy life with HIV. Hope that she could get a job and regain her independence. So much in Marla Michelle’s life has changed since she first came to N Street Village. She lives with a community of women who share her experience of living with HIV. She is a community leader, serving as a mentor to women  new to the program. And most recently, she completed an intensive course in cooking and safe food handling, going on to land a coveted internship.

Today, Marla Michelle dreams big because of YOU.

You have been there with her every step of the way – from the first day that she came through our doors to today, as she leaves each morning for her internship.

When you make a year-end gift to N Street Village, you will offer new hope and new life for women like Marla Michelle. Women who are without a home, without a job…for women living with HIV…for women coping with trauma or with mental illness…for women without a safety net. These women are counting on you.

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