Loretta has a new apartment!

IMG_4488-001Loretta has a remarkable story. She was over 50 when she first came to N Street Village in 2006. She had a drinking problem since she was eight years old and had been homeless for two years. She was no longer on speaking terms with her family, and any money she had was going to support her addiction. One night on the streets she felt such deep despair that she took a handful of pills in an attempt to kill herself.

Thankfully—Loretta’s attempt failed, and soon after she entered N Street Village’s Recovery Housing program. She received mental and physical health care, participated in group meetings, and found a creative outlet making jewelry in crafts classes.  Once she graduated from our Recovery Housing program, Loretta became a resident in our permanent supportive housing program. Last year, she decided that she was ready to make a final move to living on her own.  

She felt that N Street Village had prepared her well and that it was time for another woman to take her place here and have the opportunity that she did.

Today, Loretta has her own apartment in Washington, D.C. She is no longer estranged from her family. In fact, she has become the caregiver for her mother, who suffers from dementia, and is a loving grandmother to her grandson. Loretta is now somebody her entire family can depend on.

Although Loretta no longer lives at N Street Village, she is still part of our community. Every Thursday she meets with her tutor to prepare for taking the GED exam. On one of those Thursdays, Loretta made a donation to N Street Village.  While writing out the check she said, “Somebody gave a donation to help me. It’s only fair to give back so that I can help somebody else.”

Feel inspired by Loretta’s story?  Please make a donation in honor of Loretta today and help make it possible for other women to follow in her footsteps. Thank you!