June Volunteer Spotlight

This month get know N Street Village volunteer, Maureen MacFadden. Maureen has been an active volunteer since 2015. She serves breakfast and lunch in the day center, and is Bingo caller at Miriam’s House. Maureen is also the coordinator of monthly Birthday Girls dinner group whose mission is to celebrate the birthdays of each night shelter resident.  Each month the group under her direction, plans the theme and researches the favorite cakes of the residents celebrating birthday within a given month. Let’s get know Maureen…

I grew up in New York State and moved to the DC area over 20 years ago.  I’m the oldest of five so I guess that instinct of “taking care” of people has been a part of my life since I was young.  My parents are very giving people and I learned from them that the “Golden Rule” is a good way to lead your life.  I have been in pharmaceutical sales for the last twenty years with Merck, representing different products for various therapeutic areas.  Recently, I joined the Oncology sales team with Merck and I am very passionate about all the great advancements that have been made which are changing lives and saving lives.  I love to learn and would be a full- time student if I could afford it but since I can’t do that I am fortunate that my work teaches me something new every day.

One of my very dear friends, Jacqui Michel (who is also a Board Member at N Street Village), introduced me to “N Street Village” in December of 2015.  I have always been a big supporter of women and women’s rights so as I learned more about N Street Village and that it is not another “homeless shelter” but more of a “Helping Shelter” – helping women to become their best selves by giving them the tools to get back on their feet and to overcome the obstacles in life which can bring you down.  I took a tour of the Village later that month and soon after became a volunteer.  Here I am, loving every minute and learning so much about the people who are residents, those who work at the Village, and those who give their time.  When I think about the community the three words that best describe the Village for me are “Empowerment – Community – and Love”!  You never know what twists and turns life may throw at you and I am so thankful there is a place called “N Street Village” to lift you up if you should fall.