Please join us in welcoming Heidi Gauthier!  Heidi joins the Development Team as its Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator after working for nearly 2 years as an Employment Advisor in our Education and Employment Center.  Working with N Street Village’s Education and Employment volunteers, Heidi assisted clients in reaching their employment goals.  In her new role, Heidi is looking forward to meeting our current volunteers and continuing to match volunteers with meaningful opportunities. Heidi recently shared with us more about herself and her experience at N Street Village.

NSV: Where are you originally from?
HG: I am from Lewiston, Maine, a town roughly 40 minutes from Portland.

NSV: What is one unique fact about your hometown?
HG: Patrick Dempsey attended my high school.

NSV: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
HG: Running — but I usually only run when I have a half-marathon to train for.

NSV: What initially inspired you to work at N Street Village?
HG: The mission.

NSV: Describe working at N Street Village in 3 words or less.
HG: Supportive. Open.  Alive.

NSV: What did you enjoy most about working in the Education and Employment Center?
HG: There is nothing more gratifying than supporting someone with their employment search and having the opportunity to share in that moment when they come back to you with their offer letter! When someone allows you to be a part of the process, it is very special.

NSV: How are you feeling about moving into the new role of Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator?
HG: I am very excited. N Street Village is a place for growth not only for the women who participate in programming, but staff too. As an employee of N Street Village, we are encouraged to grow and learn. I believe taking on this new role will allow me to use my skill set and expand opportunities for our incredible volunteers to be involved with our clients and our mission.

NSV: Why do you feel volunteers and in-kind donors are important to N Street Village?
HG: N Street Village could not be successful without the tireless efforts of the volunteers and support of the donors. I learned this firsthand while working as the Education and Employment Advisor. There were so many women who want help with reading and math skills and we relied on the help of volunteers who worked with our department to ensure that women received the tutoring they needed. It was a pleasure working alongside people who are passionate about helping our clients attain self-sufficiency. N Street Village also receives critical support from so many others who supply us with goods to meet our clients’ basic needs and financial support to ensure that the work we do can continue and flourish. It is really awesome!

Heidi can be reached at or 202.939.2075
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