Alice Deal GirlUp Virtual Fair

Alice Deal Middle School’s Girl Up Club is running a fundraising fair on Saturday, April 24th from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. 

Learn more about our breakout sessions below and purchase tickets to participate in our innaugual event- all are welcomed to join!

A Zoom Link for the event will be provided via email and posted here before April 24th. Questions? Email Charlotte Medelson and Zoe Fisher at and

Special Thanks

A special thank you to all of Girl Up’s amazing members who have worked so hard to put this on!

Lorelei McIntosh, Oliver Robert, Ethan Fox-Fernandez, Zayna Sharaf, Nora Olafsen-Clinton, Clementine Kovacs, Sydney Burgess, Josey Kanach, Ava Hall, Maeve McMurray, Sophie Rothschild, Nadia Lytle, Maya Raj, Anna Morrelli, Julia Coviello, Seojin Kim, Sonali Cohen, Rae Marzilli, Maria Gamboa, Sara Gamboa, Ellie Schaffer, Tessa Franz, and Serena LoScalzo. We also want to thank all those who have donated their time, Ms. Wikander, Ms. Offley, Ms. Wickersham.

  A huge thank you to those who helped out behind the scenes, Michele Przypyszny, Emily Crabtree, Ms. Trenkle, and Makenzie Delmotte!


Welcome – 1:00-1:10

Meet N Street Village – 1:10-1:40

Session 1 – 1:45-2:25

Session 2 – 2:30-3:10

Session 3 – 3:15-3:55

Closing – 3:55-4:00


All who purchase tickets will be invited to attend 3 breakout room sessions. All will be we welcomed to share an introduction to the day, then the GirlUp Team will break us out into ‘booths’ to hear from speakers, learn new skills, and have FUN!

Only have time for 1-2 sessions? No problem! We encourage you to come for as long as you can.

There will be 3 breakout sessions.

Learn About N Street Village (All will join this section to start the day!)

 In this booth, you will get to listen to a presentation from Makenzie Delmotte, a representative from N St Village, on all that they do with women and the impact that they have made on their community. The presentation will be followed by a q and a. This is a great opportunity to learn about who you are donating to and what your money will do and you would not want to miss out!

Baking Tutorials

In the baking booth you will sign up for a slot for cooking/baking class!! It will be taught by Deal students and teachers. We will have a list of ingredients needed. This is a great chance to go and learn how to make a new recipe. And it’s fun, easy, and we can talk and bake the entire time!!

-Session 1 Vanilla Sheet Cake

 – Session 2 Brownies

– Session 3 Boba Tea

Jewelry making

In this class, you can learn how to make beautiful jewelry right from your own home! You will no longer have to search for hours to find out how to make what you want to have. This class is for all ages but kids 4th grade and below are recommended to have an adult with them. If you want to get a sneak peek of the type of things you’ll be making go, check this out! The girl teaching you makes all of this jewelry for sale. This booth is fun and there is no need to stress if you’ve never made anything before. 

– Session 1 & 2 Beaded and Charmed Bracelets

– Session 3 Bead Ring, Wire Ring, Extra time: Friendship Bracelets

Author talks

In this booth, multiple authors will discuss their books and read excerpts. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and new books. Our authors will include David Lange who wrote A Farm on Every Corner: Reimagining America’s Food System for the Twenty-First Century, Josh Kosman who wrote The Buyout of America: How Private Equity Will Cause the Next Great Credit Crisis, and Jeffrey Lewis who wrote The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States!

– Session 1 David Lange on A Farm on Every Corner: Reimagining America’s Food System for the Twenty-First Century

– Session 2 Josh Kosman on The Buyout of America: How Private Equity Will Cause the Next Great Credit Crisis

– Session 3 Jeffrey Lewis on The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States


Each 45-minute session will include a 50 question Kahoot on 6 different topics! All you need is another device to play Kahoot, you will learn about different facts about different topics! It’ll be a lot of fun!

Yoga and Meditation

This booth will be led by a deal teacher and will be a great opportunity to take a break and reflect while moving your body!

Murder Mystery

Solve a murder mystery! Someone has been murdered, and you will have 5 suspects per 45-minute session. You will interrogate each suspect and decide who you think was murdered!! This will be a super fun game where you get to be the detective. 

Purchase Tickets

Can’t join us for the event? Visit and note ‘On behalf of GirlUp’ in the comments!

If you are attending and would like to make an additional donation, you can do so on the form below.

About Girl Up

Girl Up was founded by the UN Foundation in 2010 as an initiative to help support UN agencies that focus on adolescent girls.

Girl Up Our programs helps girls to hone their skills in community organizing, goal setting, and effective communication. Girls who complete programming report increased confidence, higher levels of civic participation, and a stronger conviction and ability to take action for global good.

Before we can achieve gender equality, we have to learn the issues and how they intersect.

Alice Deal Middle School is one of  3,300 Girl Up groups across all 50 states and 120 countries. We’re proud to be a part of a community of over 58,000 girls across the world working for female empowerment and  gender equity!

Learn more about Girl Up and how our Club makes an impact here!