The iN Crowd

The iN Crowd’s mission is to engage the local community through social events and networking to raise awareness and financial support of N Street Village.

The iN Crowd was originally started by N Street Village friends and neighbors as a way to draw in more men to support women facing homelessness, poverty and related challenges. They recognized the Village’s mission for gender equality and acceptance of those most marginalized as a critical cause to the vibrancy of the Logan Circle community they called home.

Today, the iN Crowd invites ALL who are interested in building community with friends, new and old, to support and celebrate the mission of N Street Village through helping to plan, host, and attend social events in order to raise awareness and resources.

The iN Crowd is guided by Co-chairs who will organize and host four annual events, coinciding with the seasons, and serve as liaisons to the larger group.

For more information, please email Stuart Allen: