Donate Your Birthday

nsv-donate-your-birthdayAt N Street Village, it takes a whole community to help empower the lives of women facing homelessness. With Village Birthdays, you can celebrate your special day (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any celebration!) while helping the Village!

Instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations, and witness your birthday transform from an annual affair to a life-sustaining event that can impact hundreds of women.

Step One: Register your Birthday Online

When you do, we send you a Village Birthdays Toolkit containing useful information to host your event. Is your birthday not in the near future? Not a problem! Register anyway and we will remind you about your Village Birthday when we get closer to the big day.

Step Two: Tell us Your Ideas!

No set plan, yet? No problem. Indicate that below.

Step Three: Party Time

When you are ready to start planning, you must first check-in with an N Street Village teammember, who will let you know the appropriate language to use when describing the incredible services offered at NSV. Please contact to get started.

We ask all birthday donors to come in for a tour of the village (takes about 30 min). If you live in the surrounding area, tours are provided M-F 9:30am-5pm. If you are unable to attend, please contact N Street Village is located at 1333 N Street NW near Logan Circle.

Includes 15 cards for $20 and is a donation to NSV.

On behalf of the whole family at N Street Village, thank you for donating your birthday!