Evelyn’s Story: “I had tough love.”

Once an N Street Village client, now manager of Bethany Women’s Center, Evelyn Green wrote a guest column recently for The Washington Informer describing her journey to recovery through N Street Village.

“I started to straighten up, fly right, go to recovery meetings, get a sponsor — and all the sudden the program began to work for me instead of me working for it. The people at N Street Village, they talked to me like I was a human being–at their level and not below it.  People didn’t let me sit around and do what I wanted to do; wobbling in my mess. I had tough love.”

In December, 2010, Evelyn won a Linowes Leadership Award for unsung community heroes. She provides moral support to her co-workers, and offers hope to women trying to reclaim their lives from addiction. She says of her leadership style, “I don’t walk behind someone or in front of them; I always try to walk beside them.”

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