Emily Miller: N Street Village Taught Me Something Different.

People say it takes a Village. For me, it took an N Street Village.

I experienced homelessness for over ten years. During that time, my disease of addiction took me places I couldn’t have imagined. I learned what it was to be homeless, hungry, and used by other people.

I remember the first day I came to N Street Village. It was hot, and I had been on the street for a long time. I was totally exhausted and I had been wearing the same dress for days. I could see and feel the dirt that was always on my hands. That day was my rock bottom.

Looking back, it seems so simple – N Street Village gave me a place to wash my hands. But that simple gesture started a long journey of taking care of myself inside and out. N Street Village was my safe haven. They taught me something different – they showed me we’re all human. We all want to be heard without judgement. Here, I found the courage to try something new and learned to not give up on myself.

After a 30 year struggle with addiction, N Street Village alumna and former employee Emily Miller is celebrating 12 years of sobriety. She is working toward her degree at Trinity University. She is a Family Support Worker for the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative; utilizing her experience and training to support families moving out of homelessness. In June, we were honored to have Emily share her story at the 12th Annual Empowerment Luncheon.