Karen started using drugs and alcohol when she was 17 years old. She ended up living on the streets on and off for many years, and in jail many times.

Karen said that even when she was living on the streets, she would call her mom and tell her she loved her. “I thank God that I didn’t burn my bridges with my family,” she says. Karen’s connection with her parents is very important to her and helped her seek the help she needed.

In 2003, Karen came to N Street Village straight from detox. She started down the path of recovery and was clean for 5 years before relapsing. With the help of her N Street Village family, she started back on the recovery road in May of 2008. She remembers what her mother told her “if you look back, you’re going to go back.” Karen never wanted to go back.

“N Street Village gave me my life back,” Karen says.