Celebrating Women on the Road to Recovery

Recovery Housing Graduates Spring Recently, N Street Village honored five women in the Spring Recovery Housing Celebration.  We celebrated a combined total of more than five years clean and sober in this group! Valerie Dunmore, Shirley Jinks-Fisher, Robin Offutt, and Diane Lawrence were presented with completion certificates recognizing their achievements in the program. At this stage, the women are accepting responsibility for their behavior, problems and solutions, co-facilitating meetings or groups, demonstrating that they have built a relationship with their sponsor, being a positive role model for other women in the program and making long-term plans. A couple of them will move on to other housing and recovery environments to continue their progress, and the others will continue with their work, meetings and activities with the N Street Village program and graduate in the coming months.

Jacqueline Cooper received her graduation certificate, which signifies that she uses tools and strategies learned in the program to act positively and communicate appropriately outside N Street Village, has a deeper understanding of the circumstances and situations that make her vulnerable to relapse, has presented her autobiography to peers and staff and received comments and questions, manages her leisure time, is resolving most of her practical problems such as housing, health and income and is committed to working on herself and her recovery. Ms. Cooper says about the Recovery Housing Program, “It made a big difference in my life.”

The celebration featured some special performances including four women who each presented poetry about hope, change, growth and recovery. It was a powerful night of inspiration for the women in the programs, the staff and everyone who came to support all of the hard work being celebrated!