Celebrating an N Street Village Partnership

WAP logoN Street Village has several yearlong service corps members serving the community in different departments. In August 2013, N Street Village’s Wellness Center welcomed its first Washington AIDS Partnership/AIDS United AmeriCorps member (me!) to serve as a HIV Health Promotion Specialist.

This relationship isn’t completely new as the Washington AIDS Partnership placed an AmeriCorps member at Miriam’s House, beginning with its inception in 1996. Miriam’s House became a part of N Street Village in October 2011 and provides housing and services to homeless women who are living with HIV. Washington AIDS Partnership Executive Director Channing Wickham was instrumental in those early days of the development of Miriam’s House, not only providing operational funding but also connecting Miriam’s House founding executive director Carol Marsh to other funding and networking opportunities with other AIDS services organizations. Miriam’s House and N Street Village have also been recipients of staff morale grants from Washington AIDS Partnership.

Today, N Street Village is happy to continue this long and successful relationship with Washington AIDS Partnership by creating the HIV Health Promotion Specialist position. With HIV a health risk, concern, and disease in our community, collaboration with Washington AIDS Partnership seems both necessary and beneficial.

The N Street Village community wants to take a moment to acknowledge, to thank, and to celebrate Channing’s 20th anniversary with the Washington AIDS Partnership. He is truly committed to people living with HIV and the nonprofits that serve them. Click here to read more about his impact in D.C.


SARAH THAPPABy Sarah Thappa – Sarah is a member of AIDS United’s AmeriCorps National team with the Washington AIDS Partnership and serves as the HIV Health Promotion Specialist at N Street Village. She does HIV education, counseling, outreach, and testing in addition to health promotion classes on various topics. Sarah hails from Northern Illinois and graduated from Carleton College ‘13 with a B.A. in Biology.