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Community Builder Spotlight: Adam Lukoskie

While we cannot wait for the day when we can welcome volunteers back to the Village, we are spotlighting some of our incredible Community Builders that give time, talent, and treasure to N Street Village. Meet long-time volunteer and Community Builder, Adam Lukoskie.

Q. How did you get involved with N Street Village?

A. When I moved to DC, I wanted to find opportunities to get to know my neighborhood. I saw a lot of activity in front of N Street Village so looked it up on the internet to learn more. In my research, I was really drawn to the mission and community aspect. I was also drawn to the Village as I grew up in rural Wisconsin in a nearly all-white community. Washington DC is extremely diverse, and I wanted to develop some empathy for people that don’t look like me and come from different backgrounds. I knew that N Street Village served many residents of color that come from many walks of life.

Q. How long have you been serving the Village community?

A. Since 2008 or 2009…it’s been a while!

Q. Can you share your favorite N Street Village memory?

A. I always love walking in my neighborhood and running into the ladies. Whether I am walking to work, getting on the bus, or going for a run, I almost always run into Village residents. Tanya always yells my name to say hello, whether on the bus, at 7-11, or across 14th Street. I also run my local voting precinct and get to see many of the ladies on election day. It has been very rewarding being a friendly face for the ladies as they vote…sometimes for the first time. 

Q. What inspired you to become a recurring donor in addition to volunteering your time with N Street Village?

A. Time is very valuable, but it doesn’t put food on the serving line. I wanted to take my involvement to the next level. I started with single donations, moved to monthly and have slowly increased my monthly gifts as I am able. I trust N Street Village and know they use their resources strategically. 

Thank you, Adam, for all the ways you support the women of the Village!

A Letter from Schroeder Stribling

Dear Village Family,

The past few months have impacted N Street Village in ways we could have never expected. From the pain and difficulty to the generosity and heroics, I am inspired daily by the resilience and dedication of our entire Village family – each of you.

We continue to prioritize the health and safety of the women we serve and our frontline staff as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds – and hopefully, recedes. We are working closely with our government partners and peer providers to have a coordinated response and minimize the impact of the crisis on those experiencing homelessness and the staff working to keep our programs open. You have our commitment to keeping you informed and engaged as we make decisions.

Looking at the long road ahead of us, we are planning for the inevitable increase in need for our services. While we are on strong footing to weather this immediate shock, thanks to the generosity of our community, our strategy is focused on achieving long-term sustainability which assures that our doors remain open for those in need today and in the future.

We see the leading indicators here in DC of food insecurity and rent shortfalls and know that this crisis will further imperil those who were already on the margins. For those of us involved in anti-poverty work our (collective) pre-existing condition of racial injustice is not news. Black and Brown residents of our city were already grossly underrepresented on all relative metrics of economic and social vulnerability, from housing insecurity to healthcare access. This virus will find a new way to both target and aggravate our inequities. We are watching this unfold before our eyes as our Black and Brown neighbors begin the bear the brunt of this crisis far more heavily than their white counterparts.

Here’s my case for hope:

  • This crisis offers a glaring x-ray of our fractured socio-economic structures. All of us concerned with racial and economic justice have an opportunity, if not an obligation, to use all the civic powers at our disposal to write, vote, teach, run for office, testify, etc. and use this moment to raise (MORE) awareness.
  • It will not be enough to simply “re-build” from this crisis, we need to re-engineer. We know everything we need to know about effective anti-poverty programs – this isn’t a knowledge deficit but rather an opportunity to re-examine how we were operating before and explore what we can do better. This is our chance to improve efficiency, reduce barriers and lead together with those we serve.
  • We can’t afford not to. Hope is an essential ingredient in fueling our message and creating change.

You are the community who has stood with the women of the Village since our founding almost fifty years ago.Thank you for your generosity, both in years past and present. We know that we can count on your continued investments as we build a sustainable future to meet the immediate and downstream effects of the crisis.

Here at the Village, we are rich in community. You are part of that wealth alongside all of the women whom we serve. I am not only grateful – I am relieved. Because going forward, we will need each other in new ways – some of which are yet unknown. It will take a Village and a unique blend of resilience and generosity.

In gratitude and hope,

Schroeder Stribling
Chief Executive Officer

PS – If you are looking for a starting place, check out our Advocacy page or explore some of my recent writings on Medium.

2020 Online Auction FAQ

This year, all Auction items are available for bidding online! You can access the Silent Auction using your computer or mobile device. If you purchased individual tickets through our auction website, you have already received a text message with a link to your personal bidding account.

Please do not register for a new account to begin bidding; rather, you should click through that personal bidding link to access your account without the need for any login or password. As your bidding link is connected to your credit card on file, please only share it with individuals who are authorized to bid on your behalf (such as your spouse).

How to Register

If you are not attending the Gala and/or did not purchase tickets through our auction website, you can register by clicking here to visit our auction website and then choose “Sign In” in the top right corner of the page. (Choose “Sign in with email” and follow the instructions on screen.)

You will be asked to place a credit card on file to complete your registration, but nothing will be charged unless you are a winning bidder or make a donation. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a text message with a link to your personal bidding account. Use that link throughout the auction to access your account without a login or password!

How to Bid

Once you have accessed your account, browse by category or item name to begin bidding. On each item, you will see various options”

  • Bid: Hitting “Bid” will allow you to automatically enter the next pre-established bidding increment.
  • Set Maximum Bid: Before confirming your bid on an item, the system will allow you to manually enter any amount greater than the next bid or set a maximum bid. As others bid on this item, the system will automatically increase your bid, up to your maximum bid limit.
  • Watch: Clicking “Watch” will put this item in your “Activity” section, accessible by clicking the person icon in the top right corner of the page, for easy access.

As you enter a winning bid or are outbid, you will receive a text message alerting you of your status. You will be notified at the end of the Silent Auction if you are a winning bidder!

Need Help?

All Silent Auction items will be available for bidding until the silent auction closes the evening of Tuesday, March 10. Please contact Makenzie Delmotte at with any questions.

Why Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) in D.C.?

With the complex intersections of age, mental health, economics, and deep societal inequities, even deeply affordable housing is out of reach for many Village clients.

That is why N Street Village provides Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), which combines affordable housing with supportive services that provide clients with the tools to cope with mental health, addiction, trauma, physical health problems and other issues they might be experiencing.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, PSH reduces the usage of publicly funded crisis services (like jails, hospitalizations, and emergency departments), and increases stability and well-being.

N Street Village is currently the largest provider of PSH for women in D.C., offering over 140 units combined at the Flagship location, Erna’s House, Miriam’s House and Phyllis Wheatley YWCA.

*Source: 2015 National Alliance to End Homelessness Report on Permanent Supportive Housing

Did You See Us in The Washington Post?

You did it! We are excited to share this record-setting three year partnership total thanks to Washington Post readers, staff, and Village friends. Thank you to all who have followed along on this journey and shared in the stories of hope and healing!

Columnist John Kelly wrote nearly 30 stories featuring clients and alumna like Cheryl (pictured), who showcased the Village’s programs, impact, and history.

2017 Washington Post Helping Hand articles:

2018 Washington Post Helping Hand articles:

2019 Washington Post Helping Hand articles:

Thank You, Village!

Staff Spotlight: Meet Sangita!

Sangita Joshi is a cornerstone of our Village family – in the 11 years she has been here, she has served the Village clients with heart and passion.

How long have you been at N Street Village? I have been a part of the N Street Village family for a little over 11 years! I am currently the Director of Case Management, which includes managing the Holistic Housing Program.

What is the Holistic Housing Program? When naming this program, we intentionally chose to call it holistic because that is what it truly is – recognizing the whole of a woman’s experiences and helping her to uncover and realize what she needs to be her best self. The program is located on the fifth floor of the Flagship building and can support up to 21 women as they make strides in their recovery – whether that is mental health, physical health, trauma, substance use disorder and/or financial insecurity. Last month, we were proud to have five women graduate and move on to the next step in their journey.

Can you describe N Street Village in three words? Hope. Courage. Patience. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I am an ice cream connoisseur! If I wasn’t working at N Street Village, my dream job would be working as an official taste tester for Ben and Jerry’s. As far as my current favorite, it depends…but we can start with Phish Food. My dad always says that no matter how full you are, there is always room for ice cream!

Your 2019 Annual Report | What You Made Possible

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Village Board, staff and clients, I am pleased to present your 2019 Annual Report.

You have continued to be there for the thousands of women who rely on N Street Village. Your support is not merely “giving to charity” but “doing justice.”

We are grateful for your commitment as we strive for a future that is just and inclusive for every D.C. resident. Thank you for standing with us at N Street Village’s front door as we greet the women who will arrive tomorrow.

Schroeder Stribling
Chief Executive Officer
N Street Village

P.S. As the temperatures begin to drop, please remember to save and share the D.C. Hypothermia Hotline: 202.399.7093. Your call could save a life!