Staff Spolight – Abrar Sheikh

ABRARMeet N Street Village Education and Employment Intern Abrar Sheikh.  Abrar began working at N Street Village over a year ago.  In her role, Abrar offers ongoing support to clients as they pursue their education and employment goals. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Abrar is a senior at Catholic University where she is studying social work. She’ll return home after she graduates this summer. Let’s get to know Abrar:

NSV: What inspired you to work at N Street Village?
AS: When I first came to N Street Village in my junior year, I saw how everyone here is eager to help. This is the reason that I chose N Street Village as my internship site during my senior year. I felt it was and is the right place for me to develop my skills.

NSV: What do you do on a daily basis at N Street Village?
AS: Through my work in the Education and Employment Center, I help women by providing resources to assist with finding employment or furthering their education. This year, I also created a curriculum and led a course on time management.

NSV: What is one of your favorite N Street Village memories?
AS:  My very first Tea Time. This is a monthly event where the entire N Street community gets together to socialize. It was a really great experience.

NSV: What inspires you to continue with the work you do every day?
AS: The staff is really inspiring.

NSV:  Describe N Street Village in 3 words.
AS: Very warm place


Staff Spotlight – Shane Yost

910_10151239651758095_1571912476_nThis month, we would like to introduce you to N Street Village staff member Shane Yost.  Shane joined N Street Village as the Manager of Individual Giving in October 2012.  Part of Shane’s responsibilities include overseeing mailings and sharing the good work of N Street Village with supporters.  Shane is originally from Rochester, N.Y.; he spent time living and working in Texas before moving to the District in 2000. Let’s get to know Shane:

NSV: What is your role at N Street Village and how do you spend your days?
SY: I share with our supporters how their donations positively impact the lives of our clients. One way that I am able to do this is by interviewing a client about her story and N Street Village experience. It is a great privilege to hear about the struggles that a woman has encountered and how she is striving to make her life better. I then use that interview to write a piece to share with our donors.

NSV: What inspired you to work at N Street Village?
SY: N Street Village is a place that truly values women and provides them with opportunities to better their lives. This is apparent as soon as you visit. I knew that this was a place I wanted to be a part of – a place in which every person is valued no matter what their background.

NSV: In the last year, what has been your greatest accomplishment working at N Street Village?
SY: I started the Village View, our print newsletter, which shares our clients’ stories with our supporters. I am honored to share the stories of women who have experienced so much hardship, yet remain strong and positive.

NSV: What is one of your favorite N Street Village memories?
The Valentine’s Day Tea Time hosted by the N Street Village Mentors. It was such a joyful occasion to see the clients laughing, singing, and dancing. N Street Village strives to be a place where clients can experience happiness and hope—this event demonstrated what we are all about.

NSV: What is one of your favorite places to visit in the DMV?
SY: I love running along the Anacostia River Walk trail in Southeast Washington. It’s peaceful and beautiful along the water and much less crowded than other trails in the area.

NSV: If you could go to a music concert tomorrow, what artist/group would you want to see?
SY: Led Zeppelin 1973

NSV: What is something that people reading this may not know about you?
SY: If I were not working at N Street Village, I would be a rock god just like Robert Plant.

NSV: Describe N Street Village in 3 words.
Vibrant. Life-affirming. Community.

From N Street Village to Morocco


On Saturday, March 23, 2013, two Miriam’s House residents, Michelle Tate and Charlene Kelly, participated in a Skype interview with nearly 60 high school girls in southern Morocco to teach the girls about what life can be like living with HIV.  Emily Zido, current Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and former N Street Village Residential Program Assistant, and Kristyn Carrillo, Associate Director for Residential Programs at N Street Village, arranged the opportunity.

Ms. Zido wanted to teach the teen girls about women living with HIV because the HIV rate is growing in Morocco due to stigma and lack of awareness. Ms. Zido shared with the residents that a lot of people in Morocco do not get tested for HIV and that there isn’t the same patient treatment there. Sometimes doctors or families will share a woman’s HIV status with the whole community.


The girls were able to ask questions in Arabic that were then translated to English. The questions included “How did you discover you had HIV?” “What symptoms do you have of HIV?” “What’s your medical treatment like?” “How did you feel when you first found out?” and “What advice do you have for us since you have had experience as women?”

Both Miriam’s House residents shared feeling devastated after finding out their HIV diagnoses but through medication, support and good things in their lives; they are now proud and happy.


Ms. Tate shared that some of her friends are comfortable with her HIV status and others are not but she encourages people to accept all of her or let her be. She encouraged the girls to practice safe sex, because “your life depends on it.”

Ms. Kelly said that the girls should treat people that they find out have HIV the same way they would if they didn’t know their status. She said, “If they’re your friend now, they’ll still be your friend,” and Ms. Tate added, “and give them support.”

The girls gave the Miriam’s House residents a round of applause and thanks for sharing their experience and advice.

By Kristyn Carrillo – Kristyn is the Associate Director for Residential Programs and is responsible for overseeing all N Street Village residential programs.  She started her N Street Village career in 2005 as the Manager of Luther Place Night Shelter.  She earned her MSW from University of Maryland-Baltimore, with a specialization in mental health and substance abuse. When not at N Street Village, Kristyn can generally be found trying out new recipes with her family or running.

Staff Spotlight – Toni Greenwood

ToniThis month, we would like to introduce you to N Street Village staff member Toni Greenwood.  Toni has been working for N Street Village’s residential programs for over 6 years.  As a Residential Support Services (RSS) Team Leader, Toni works with the RSS team to operate N Street Village’s six residential programs and to support individual residents. On a typical day, she can be found offering encouragement and counsel to our residents, responding to client crises, and planning activities and events for the community. Toni recently shared with us more about herself and her experience at N Street Village.

NSV: What inspired you to work at N Street Village?
TG: What inspired me and what continues to inspire me is working in an environment where I can help women reach their fullest potential.

NSV: What do you do on a daily basis at N Street Village?
TG: On a daily basis you can find me leading therapeutic groups such as relapse prevention, coordinating recovery program meetings, and being available to residents in need of support.

NSV: In the last year, what has been your greatest accomplishment working at N Street Village?
TG: Becoming the Residential Support Services Team Leader has been one accomplishment. I also feel a sense of accomplishment from holding down the program while my supervisor was on maternity leave this past year.

NSV: If you could go to music concert tomorrow, what artist/group would you want to see and why?
TG: If I went to a concert tomorrow it would be to see Lady Gaga. I would love to see her different costumes.  Also, I respect that she has discussed her mental health issues openly.

NSV: What is your favorite place to visit in the Washington D.C. area?
TG: The Corcoran Gallery of Art is one of my favorite places.

NSV: What is one of your favorite N Street Village memories?
TG: My fondest memories are those moments when I receive letters from residents thanking me for my support.



Staff Spotlight – Muriel Drago

Muriel Drago-Program Assistant Bethany Women's Center-001To kick off this new year, we would like to introduce you to N Street Village staff member Muriel Drago. Muriel began working at N Street Village in 2007 as a program assistant in Bethany Women’s Center.  This past year, Muriel joined the Clinical Care Specialist team, where she offers ongoing support to clients, coordinates intakes, and welcomes newcomers to the community. Muriel recently shared with us more about herself, her experience at N Street Village, as well as her reflections on 2012 and wishes for 2013.

NSV: What inspired you to work at N Street Village?
MD: I first came to Washington, D.C. in 2006 as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. I always wanted to work in the substance abuse arena and decided to attend University of D.C. to receive certification in addictions counseling.  I was first introduced to N Street Village by a classmate who started working at the Village. After completing my educational hours, I began working for N Street Village in April 2007. Working for an organization that promoted dignity and respect and worked with a vulnerable population was especially important to me as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.

NSV: What do you do on a daily basis at N Street Village?
MD: On a daily basis I meet and collaborate with my colleagues to ensure that our clients receive quality care.  It is a joy to come to work every morning and see women who are working hard to live a better life as well as working in a community that promotes a positive lifestyle through a variety of programs and services.

NSV: What has been your greatest 2012 accomplishment at N Street Village?
MD: In 2012, I transitioned into a new position at N Street Village, becoming a Clinical Care Specialist and began working very closely with one of N Street Village’s newest permanent supportive housing programs, Erna’s House.  It is a professional accomplishment that is very fulfilling to me and I am excited to continue to serve the Village in a different capacity.

NSV: What is one of your favorite N Street Village memories?
MD: Christmas and Recovery Housing Graduation days at the Village have always been special to me.  On Christmas Day, everyone gathers together in Bethany Women’s Center for an exciting game of Christmas Bingo. There is always a lot of laughter, good cheer and joy throughout the community and a feeling of gratitude.   Recovery Housing’s graduation is a time to celebrate women who are demonstrating success in the program.  Their family, friends and the community gather to offer encouragement for the women to continue their sobriety efforts.

NSV: What is your New Year wish for the clients you work with?
MD: My New Year’s wish for the clients I work with is for them to continue in their efforts to reach their goals and to let them know that N Street Village is here to support them.

NSV: If you could go to a movie theatre tomorrow, what movie would you want to see and why?
I would like to see the movie Flight, starring Denzel Washington, who plays a pilot struggling with alcoholism. I am always interested in anything involving substance abuse, alcoholism and recovery.

NSV: What is your favorite song of inspiration?
MD: My favorite song of inspiration is Mary J. Blige’s song titled “Just Fine”.  I love the lyrics — “So I like what I see when I’m looking at me when I’m walking past the mirror, no stress through the night at this time of my life,  got my head on straight, I got my mind right, I wouldn’t change my life, my life’s just fine.”

NSV: Describe N Street Village in 3 words.
MD: N Street Village in 3 words to me: Support. Hope.  Joy.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012!

TOP 10 OF 20122012 marks the first full year of N Street Village’s blog. 
What better way to look back on this year of blogging than by sharing the top 10 blog posts of the past year.  Thanks to all of our followers who have read, shared, and commented on posts this year.  We are looking forward to what 2013 brings and sharing it with you!

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  2. The 2012 Point-in-Time Homeless Persons Count
  3. A Pot of Black Beans for the Ladies at N Street Village
  4. Volunteer Spotlight – Jaime Andrews
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A Holiday Thank You

You are making a huge difference.  Our staff is humbled by your commitment and is incredibly grateful for all you have done to help our city’s most vulnerable.  To show you our gratitude, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you with this video:


As we look forward to a new year, we want to take this time to thank you for your support of N Street Village in 2012. Because of you, we were able to serve over 60% of our city’s homeless women. Whether a woman came to us for just one hot meal or she became a resident in one of our long-term housing programs, we were there to provide her with the care and compassion she needed.

These are just some of things you helped us accomplish in 2012:

  • We increased our housing for vulnerable women by more than 50%.
  • Over 46,000 nutritious meals were served in our drop-in day center.
  • 726 women received care for their bodies, minds, and spirits in our Wellness Center.
  • 95% of clients who found new employment kept their jobs for at least 3 months.
  • We provided affordable housing for low-and moderate-income individuals and families in Eden House, our 51-unit apartment complex.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year to help change the lives of many more women and families for the better.


Holiday Staff Spotlight – Sangita Joshi

IMG_3931We would like to introduce you to N Street Village staff member Sangita Joshi. Sangita began working at N Street Village over 4 years ago as a Case Manager and later transitioned into the role of Crisis Care Specialist.  On a typical day, she can be found offering encouragement and counsel to our clients, responding to client crises, and planning activities and events for the community.  In addition to Sangita’s regular duties, she leads a variety of support groups including Anger Management, Let’s Talk Mental Health, and Women of Wisdom.  This holiday season, Sangita is helping to spread cheer throughout the community, so with a little holiday twist, let’s get to know Sangita:

NSV: What has been your greatest accomplishment of the past year?
SJ: My greatest accomplishment this year has been my new volunteer role at the Ronald McDonald House in Virginia. I was so inspired by the volunteers that come to N Street Village and wanted to make a difference in my Virginia community.

NSV: Please share one of your favorite holiday memories at N Street Village.
SJ: I love N Street Village all year, but during the holidays, it’s the best! During this time you see and feel hope, joy, and gratitude, which is what we are all about every day of the year. My favorite holiday moment was my first Christmas here in 2008. The whole community was here to celebrate together with music and great food. That was one of my many moments of, “Wow, I am a part of this.”

NSV: What are your plans for celebrating the holiday season this year?
SJ: I will be here in Bethany Women’s Center on Christmas Day.

NSV: Why do feel celebrating the holiday season at N Street Village is important for our community?
SJ: Celebrating the holiday season at N Street Village is important for our community because everyone needs to feel included, most especially during the holidays.

NSV: What is your favorite holiday song?
SJ: 12 Days of Christmas

NSV: What is your favorite holiday cookie?
SJ: Any beautiful cookie decorated with frosting and sparkles!

NSV: Describe N Street Village during the holiday season in 3 words or less.
SJ: Hope. Joy.  Gratitude.

Photo of the Week


 Tim Fretz (Manager of Foundation and Government Giving) and Kate Akalonu (Communications and Community Engagement Associate) decorate their cube for the holiday season.  View more holiday images on N Street Village’s Facebook page.

Work at the Village

N Street Village is seeking a highly effective and detail-oriented Executive Assistant to support the Executive Director. The Executive Assistant will provide high-level administrative support by managing the schedule and priorities of the Executive Director, carry out high-level administrative functions, and provide additional operations and special project support as needed.

We are looking for individuals who encompass the below required qualifications.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, view the complete job description online, and apply (or share) today!

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree with at least 5 years’ experience handing a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks; non-profit experience strongly preferred
  • Exceedingly well-organized, flexible and enjoys the administrative challenges of supporting a small office of diverse staff and programs/departments
  • Ability to interact with staff and external stakeholders at all levels, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Above-average skills in MS applications
  • Ability to work independently with little or no supervision, exercising judgment and initiative
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Values commensurate with an interfaith community committed to providing inclusive services without regard to race, religion, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation

N Street Village has a number of job openings  posted on our website.
Please help us spread the word to great candidates!