Living with Schizophrenia at N Street Village

Jean says she got her colorful sense of style, bright smile, and positive attitude from her mother. Jean goes on to explain, “I have schizophrenia and I experience the world differently than you do.”

Jean had been living on the streets and sleeping outside at Union Station for almost two years when she met an outreach worker who told her about the programs in the city that might be able to help her. Jean was encouraged and soon moved into temporary housing and then into Phyllis Wheatley YWCA, a permanent supportive housing facility where N Street Village provides case management services. Today, Jean is celebrating nearly
six months in her own apartment. She works regularly with Village staff to help her maintain mental health stability and reach her goals.

Jean says she doesn’t know where she’d be – mentally or physically – if it weren’t for the safe, caring environment and incredible staff of N Street Village.

BisNow: Keeping our Promise

“Last night, we headed to N Street Village for the groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremony concluding the Keeping Our Promise capital campaign.”



N Street Village Announces Completion of Capital Campaign with Ribbon Cutting and Ground Breaking attended by DC Mayor or Councilmembers

N Street Village, the largest provider of housing and supportive services for women experiencing homelessness in Washington D.C, is proud to announce the completion of the $9 million Keeping Our Promise Capital Campaign to preserve affordable housing, as well as expand supportive housing and programs. The collaborative public-private effort was celebrated yesterday, Wednesday May 31, 2017, at the flagship site at 1333 N Street NW where there was a ceremonial Ribbon Cutting of the completion of Phase 1 construction, and the ground breaking for the final phase of construction at the site.

The N Street Village Board of Directors, chaired by Wiley Rein LLP Managing Partner Peter Shields, and Capital Campaign Committee, chaired by N Street Village Board Vice-Chair Ruth Sorenson and her husband, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, were joined by key stakeholders including:  Mayor Muriel Bowser, Councilmember Jack Evans, Polly Donaldson, Director of DHCD, Derrick Perkins, Sr. VP at Bank of America, Todd Lee from DCHFA, Jeff Stryker, Senior EVP & CFO at Burke & Herbert Bank, and N Street Village Honorary Board Member Linda Daschle and Senator Tom Daschle, who together serve as Honorary Co-chairs for the Capital Campaign.

Schroeder Stribling, N Street Village’s Executive Director, remarked, “For nearly 45 years, we have kept a promise to welcome every woman who arrives at our door with respect and dignity. Our promise is to offer housing all along the spectrum of need, from emergency shelter to affordable and permanent supportive housing and to enrich that housing with a full spectrum of basic and support services.” She continued, “I am thrilled that we are all gathered here today, a community of partners – a Village – to say: We are keeping our promise.”

Through the support of this Campaign, the “village” of partners helped to preserve affordable housing for 51 families and expand permanent supportive housing by 10%. At the completion of this project we will offer increased safety and hospitality, expanded programs including the opening of The Judith Morris Wellness Center, and updated and 30% larger Bethany Women’s Day Center, and the Comcast Learning and Technology Lab.

What did you do this year?

Schroeder 2 - CopyAs I look back on the past year at N Street Village, you come to mind.

In the midst of your busy days in 2014, you found a way to make a difference here.

Because of you:

  • 171 women had a safe place to call home in our transitional or permanent supportive housing programs
  • 51 low-income families had affordable housing
  • 31,457 nutritious meals were served
  • More than 1,000 women had access to life-saving programs through our Day Center and Wellness Center

Thank you. Your investment ensured that N Street Village was here to provide comprehensive, wrap-around services and programs to those who need us most.

As I now look forward to 2015, I know that there are many challenges still ahead. Affordable housing in DC continues to be in critical shortage, and the wait for a needed rental subsidy can last many years. The average cost for a one bedroom apartment is now more than $1,400 – far beyond the reach of someone who is working a minimum wage job. These truths leave so many women at risk of poverty, homelessness and the myriad of health, mental health and other consequences that ensue.

This holiday season and every day of the year, N Street Village is committed to providing shelter, housing, food, health care, income supports, crisis assistance, and day shelter for our city’s most vulnerable women. And we are privileged to watch many wonderful stories unfold as these individuals use the resources of our Village to transform their lives and reach their personal goals.

I imagine that you think much as I do: when any of us are in need of support, we want to be greeted with dignity and kindness, and we want to know that the help we receive will be effective. That happens daily as together, we work to keep the doors of this Village open, to create our community of respect, and to empower women to make measurable progress in their lives.   This past week alone we welcomed 21 new women to N Street Village – we are extending this same promise and possibility to each of them.

Today, let us celebrate what we have accomplished together this year. And may we find inspiration and strength for the journey ahead in the coming New Year.

Yours in gratitude,
Schroeder Stribling



Fresh off the Press: FY14 Village Annual Report

FY2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) marks the 40th anniversary of N Street Village’s founding. Every day for the past 40 years, the doors of N Street Village have been open to thousands of women who seek help, hope, and a new beginning. In this year’s annual report, we highlight women who live at N Street Village and their accomplishments. We hope you enjoy!

It’s Working!

SHERO WEBSITE HEADERSince we launched our SHE-RO Virtual Walk campaign to raise $20,000 for N Street Village’s life-saving services, Village SHE-ROES have stepped up, raising $10,440 in support of our city’s most vulnerable women. Amazingly, 61% of the dollars raised so far have been raised through personal fundraisers! Now we are just $9,560 away from our goal.

Please give $35 or whatever you can to help ensure each woman who arrives at our door is provided the resources she needs to walk on and find her inner SHE-RO despite the loss of Fannie Mae’s Help the Homeless Walk.

AND — to make things even more fun — Robin Halsband and Jeremy Spector have offered to donate $100 to N Street Village for every SHE-RO Virtual Walk personal fundraising page created between now and next Thursday, October 16. Start creating your page today using the Village “Quick Start Guide“.

Thank YOU for your support!

a personal fundraising page allows you to:

  • Talk about your personal connection to N Street Village
  • Set your own personal goal in support of our campaign’s goal (you can even offer a match!)
  • Invite your friends to give and communicate directly with them
  • Track how much you and your friends have contributed and see how your efforts stack up on the Village SHE-RO Leaderboard.
  • Set your page up before October 16 and N Street Village will receive an additional $100.

Need support setting up your page?
Please contact Megan McKinley at
& consider downloading the Village’s personal fundraising “Quick Start Guide“.

Trailer for Documentary Featuring N Street Village

“Can art save lives?”

That is question that lies at the center of the film How I Got Over by Nicole Boxer (producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary The Invisible War).

The documentary chronicles the journey of 15 formerly homeless women, living in N Street Village’s Recovery Housing program, as they turned their collective life experiences into an original play. The  film will premiere at AFI DOCS Documentary Festival on June 21 and 22 in Washington, D.C. The emotional trailer was just released this week. Our community loved it so much–we just had to share it with you. Enjoy!


Polar Vortex Hits DC…N Street Village is Open

It is dangerously cold outside.

 One of the first women to enter the Day Center this morning after spending last night in a friend’s car said,It was so cold last night in that car and this was the only place for me to warm up with a hot shower and warm meals. I am grateful.”

And we are grateful. As our city saw some of its lowest temperatures in over two decades, N Street Village’s doors have remained open for any woman in need — thanks to YOU.

Last night, N Street Village provided 142 women with safe shelter and warm meals. Another 51 individuals and families, because of our affordable housing apartments, had a warm place to come home to.

This morning, our Day Center’s doors opened early to welcome women who have nowhere else to go. Women without homes — some spending last night on the street — have access to warm meals, hot showers, laundry facilities, and a fully stocked weather-appropriate clothing closet.

Today, our Wellness Center is operating with our licensed nurse and primary care clinic offering direct health care and wellness consultations to any women in need.

None of this could be possible without your support and we thank you.  

The District’s hypothermia alert will remain in effect for most of today. Please be mindful of individuals who need relief from the elements and contact the Hypothermia Hotline at 1-800-535-7252.

Staff Spotlight – Nicole Robinson

Photo1Meet N Street Village Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate Nicole Robinson. Nicole began working at N Street Village a year and a half ago.  As an Advocate with our Permanent Supportive Housing program, Nicole works with a team to provide intensive case management to 42 residents who live in shared apartments at our flagship location and are managing one or more of the following; chronic homelessness, mental health-related disabilities, addiction recovery and chronic physical illness or disability. Originally from Brooklyn, Nicole earned a BA in Sociology from Vassar College and an MSW from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Let’s get to know Nicole:

NSV: What inspired you to work at N Street Village?
NR: N Street Village’s strong reputation for providing quality services to women and takes a holistic approach to recovery.

NSV: What do you do on a daily basis at N Street Village?
NR: I collaborate with my fellow intensive case management team members to provide information and encouragement to residents.  I assist residents in reaching their housing, income, education, mental and physical health, as well as substance recovery goals.

NSV: What is one of your favorite N Street Village memories?
NR: Our “Tea Time” events provide such a wonderful opportunity to laugh and celebrate with one another.

NSV: What do you wish other people knew about N Street Village?
NR: I wish for everyone to know about the level of commitment and care that goes into creating a welcoming and safe place for women.

NSV: If you could go to a concert tomorrow, what artist/group would you want to see and why?
NR: Prince!  Two words: Musical. Genius.

NSV: Describe N Street Village in 3 words.
NR: Renewal. Respect. Solidarity.


From N Street Village to Morocco


On Saturday, March 23, 2013, two Miriam’s House residents, Michelle Tate and Charlene Kelly, participated in a Skype interview with nearly 60 high school girls in southern Morocco to teach the girls about what life can be like living with HIV.  Emily Zido, current Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and former N Street Village Residential Program Assistant, and Kristyn Carrillo, Associate Director for Residential Programs at N Street Village, arranged the opportunity.

Ms. Zido wanted to teach the teen girls about women living with HIV because the HIV rate is growing in Morocco due to stigma and lack of awareness. Ms. Zido shared with the residents that a lot of people in Morocco do not get tested for HIV and that there isn’t the same patient treatment there. Sometimes doctors or families will share a woman’s HIV status with the whole community.


The girls were able to ask questions in Arabic that were then translated to English. The questions included “How did you discover you had HIV?” “What symptoms do you have of HIV?” “What’s your medical treatment like?” “How did you feel when you first found out?” and “What advice do you have for us since you have had experience as women?”

Both Miriam’s House residents shared feeling devastated after finding out their HIV diagnoses but through medication, support and good things in their lives; they are now proud and happy.


Ms. Tate shared that some of her friends are comfortable with her HIV status and others are not but she encourages people to accept all of her or let her be. She encouraged the girls to practice safe sex, because “your life depends on it.”

Ms. Kelly said that the girls should treat people that they find out have HIV the same way they would if they didn’t know their status. She said, “If they’re your friend now, they’ll still be your friend,” and Ms. Tate added, “and give them support.”

The girls gave the Miriam’s House residents a round of applause and thanks for sharing their experience and advice.

By Kristyn Carrillo – Kristyn is the Associate Director for Residential Programs and is responsible for overseeing all N Street Village residential programs.  She started her N Street Village career in 2005 as the Manager of Luther Place Night Shelter.  She earned her MSW from University of Maryland-Baltimore, with a specialization in mental health and substance abuse. When not at N Street Village, Kristyn can generally be found trying out new recipes with her family or running.