Behind the Scenes at &Pizza

On Tuesday, February 11, &Pizza opened its doors to N Street Village and provided our clients and residents with a VIP pizza making experience. From the homemade garlic olive oil to the sun dried tomato sauce, the ladies had many delicious &Pizza ingredients to choose from to make their own personalized pizza. After creating their personal pizza’s they worked with one of four &Pizza chefs to put the pizza through the oven and complete their pizza with the final toppings.

“This experience is something I will never forget. I liked choosing my own toppings   and watching the pizza sizzle in the hot ovens. Oh! And, the smell if the pizza was divine.” – Janet, N Street Village resident

After the pizza making process, everyone enjoyed their delicious masterpieces. Then, they went on to take Polaroid pictures to make personalize Valentine’s Day cards.

When asked about &Pizza’s relationship with N Street Village, &Pizza Community Manager Alia Khayrullina said, “It’s not just about our pizza, it’s about our relationship with the people who are part of our community. We are part of their lives as much as they are part of &Pizza.”

It was an exciting afternoon as everyone enjoyed each others company and received a rare behind the scenes look at &Pizza. Thank you to &Pizza and its staff for showing N Street Village such a wonderful time and for providing last memories!