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                  Bonita I had to grow up quickly. My mother had me at 16, and I was raised mostly by my grandparents. My father was in and out of prison during much of my childhood and was murdered when I was just 12 years old.   Making my childhood even more challenging, […]


                  Belnida From a young age, I witnessed the devastating effects of addiction. Because my mother suffered from alcoholism, I lived with my father until he passed away when I was just 13. While grieving the loss of my father, I moved back in with my mother and an abusive stepfather. I used any opportunity to […]


              Deidre  For as long as I can remember, alcohol has been in my life. Even as a baby, my family would put beer in her bottle to keep her quiet. Unaware of the impact alcohol would have on the rest of my life, I felt she had a […]