Aura Cacia Brings Positive Change

N Street Village is honored to be a recipient of funding from the Aura Cacia Positive Change Project. Aura Cacia, a purveyor of essential oils, skin care oils and related products made from simple and pure botanical ingredients, awarded N Street Village $60,000 to support the expansion of the peer-led Leadership Council and deliver outreach efforts through the N Street Village Day Center.

Both projects align with Aura Cacia’s vision of helping women facing difficult life situations make transformational improvements in their lives. The Day Center welcomes women and helps them consider what changes they can make in their lives to move out of homelessness and stabilize their housing. The Leadership Council enables women to reclaim their voices and practice assertiveness and critical thinking skills.

We are excited to build a meaningful partnership with Aura Cacia, and together reach great outcomes in both programs.