Ambassadors Council

The N Street Village Ambassadors Council is a team of individuals who share a deep commitment to the Village community and its vital mission to support women facing homelessness, poverty and related challenges. The Ambassadors Council was created to build community inside and outside of our walls: to carry the message of our mission to others in their networks, to sponsor social events with the women of the Village, and to advocate on behalf of our organization and those we serve. The Ambassadors Council holds a vision that in the near future everyone in our city will be familiar with the work and the purpose of N Street Village. Click here to view the Ambassadors Council Charter.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ambassadors Council, please contact Stuart Allen at

Sunny Alsup, Founder
Cindy Aron, Founder
Jane Fishkin, Founder
Susan Weiss, Founder

Stacie Lee Banks, Co-Chair
Sharon Gund, Co-Chair

Nancy Hartsock, Co-Chair

Averyl Bailey
Shaune Bazner
Elizabeth Bennett
Lorrie Berkowitz
Lois Berlin
Elizabeth Bernstein
Nancy and Don Bliss
Reina Brekke
Susan Brophy
Sandra Brown
Susan Butler
Amy Carples
Kimberly Casey
Judi Cochran
Antonietta Corvasce

Cynthia Diane
Brenda Durham
Brenda K. Edwards
Starr Ezra
Susan Flack
Elizabeth Friedman
Linda Goldberg
Karin Goldstein
Lakishmi Halper
Susanne Hiegel
Jadz Janucik
Monica Jenkins
Christine Kaufman
Heather Kaye
Yvette Kraft
Amy Krupsky
Diane Liebman
Vivien Marion
Lynette Matz
Mary McIntosh
Jacqueline Michel
Barbara Mitchell
Mary Susan Moore

Joyce O’Brien
Shiela O’Leary
Laurie Oseran
Elissa Oshinsky
Margy Pastor
Dina Perry
Lisa Rawls
Ann Sablosky
Carla Schraub
Ellen Sinel
Erika Singer
Carol Steinbach
Sid Stolz
Andrea Strawn
Mary Tucker
Leslie Whipkey
Patrice Willoughby
Pat Wittie
Trish Yan
Mary Zients

*Listing as of 1.10.2017